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Thursday, 06 January 2011 15:38

Cinema development fund has inventoried their last year working
Fund has worked since 2006. Following their strategy fund is making projects directed not only at film production, but also at film industry education, marketing and distribution of Kyrgyz cinema.
Fund has realized 13 projects and given the opportunity to 25 filmmakers for film shooting. This is short as well as full-length feature and documentary films.
In 2010 Cinema Development Fund made 4 big projects.  One of them is a «Photographer profession like a new opportunity for waifs». The project was supported by Canadian Fund and Open Society Institute.
In this project famous Kyrgyz photographer Erkin Boljurov was teaching the waifs art of photography. Fond hopes for some of them it may be future profession and attract attention to such important film professions like photographers, production designers, make-up artist, costumier etc. Because today is a vulnerability in Kyrgyz cinematography.
The second one is a "Kyrgyzstan as a back lot". Fund created its official web site www.kyrgyzcinema.com.  This web site is the only site that reveals modern Kyrgyz cinema today. This site is made in two languages (Russian and English) by support of Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development of the Netherlands.
With the aim of encouraging collaboration and cultural exchange between Kyrgyz filmmakers and filmmakers from around the world, this Kyrgyz Cinema website offers a wide range of information about many prominent and independent Kyrgyz filmmakers, production studios, film-shoot locations across the Kyrgyzstan and production as well as the post-production resources.
Kyrgyz Cinema website provides up-to-date news and trends on the latest events and developments in the film industries of Kyrgyzstan as well as other Central Asian countries. Among our other services we, also, do propose new cinema projects, roundtables, film festivals, nominations, awards and provide updates regarding funders, donors, and sponsors.
Third is a «Here movie comes!!!». Cinema development fund made this project with the support of Swiss Cooperation Office in the Kyrgyz Republic.
It was free-of-charge film shows of famous Kyrgyz directors such as "Unknown route" by Temir Birnazarov and "Woman at the stirrup" by Tynay Ibragimov. Movie presentations was taking place in the 5 regions of Naryn province: At-Bashi, Jumgal, Naryn, Kochkor, Ak-Talaa.
Well-known Kyrgyz director Temir Birnazarov and Honoured Artist of Kyrgyz Republic Egemberdi Bekboliev came to Naryn for support a project of Cinema development fund.
Cinema halls were full of people. Local population of regions was enjoy and delighted with performances.
The last one is on-line project “Young Cinematographers Courses” with support of HIVOS/OSI, First National Television of Kyrgyzstan, Youth Media Center, Kyrgyztelefilm. 

The project consist of 2 parts: theoretical and practical. First part includes master-classes form famous Kyrgyz filmmakers. In second part the best 16 student got a chance to shoot own movie. Now this process is almost finished. Than 8 of them will get opportunity to make their second film.



Afanasenko Natalia