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IV Cinema Forum of the female directors of Kyrgyzstan: Call the entries!

Quarantine: Day after day - 01.07.2020. "Kurmanjan Datka" - the film will be dubbed into Turkish and shown on Turkish television channels




Quarantine: Day after day - 27.06.2020. Bakyt Karagulov. RIP (12.08.1950 - 27.06.2020)




Quarantine: Day after day - 26.06.2020. Danga: Come back to home! (Photos)




Quarantine: Day after day - 21.06.2020. Condolences to the families of Sadyk Sher-Niyaz and Asel Sherniyazova


Bolot Sher - famous Kyrgyz politician, eldest brother of director Sadyk Sher-Niyaz and father of Asel Sherniyazova died after hard illness.


Quarantine: Day after day - 17.06.2020. Khasan Kydyraliev - 60


Famous Kyrgyz & Kazakh director of photography.

Date of birth: 17.06.1960

Education : All-Union State Institute of Cinematography, director of photography department, studio of A.V. Galperin, Moscow

Quarantine: Day after day - 16.06.2020. Kamat Kassenov. RIP


Famous Kyrgyz & Kazakh theatrical director Kamat Kassenov died, he was 43.


Quarantine: Day after day - 14.06.2020. Kulipa Konduchalova - 100


Kulipa Konduchalova - famous Kyrgyz minister of culture (1958-1980) was born 15.06.1920. She died 07.09.2013. 


We are publishing article about Kulipa Konduchalova written by her daughter Irina Oralbayeva. She gave us permission.



Quarantine: Day after day - 12.06.2020. "Danga. Stories.Life" by Flora Gazieva, 2005, Kyrgyztelefilm 


Quarantine: Day after day - 10.06.2020. Marat Janteliev. RIP


Condolences to the family of the famous Kyrgyz actor Marat Janteliev (1961-2020). Graduator of VGIK (Moscow), group of famous Russian actor Alexey Batalov. His best films: "The Descendant of the Snow Leopard" (1985, dir. Tolomush Okeyev), "Manas's Space" (1995, dir. Melis Ubukeev), "Saratan" (2004, dir. Ernest Abdyjaparov), "Sayakbay" (2017, dir. Ernest Addyjaparov), "President & Clochard" (2012, dir. Yrys Okenova, 2013, dir. Askat Sulaymanov) etc.



Quarantine: Day after day - 09.06.2020. Maya Aimedova's reply


Condolences to the family of the famous Turkmenian actress Maya Aimedova & famous Turkmenian film-director Khodzhakuly Narliev: We condole over the death of their son

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