Festivals: call for entries

Coming soon: Pitching for CIS countries


Dedline: 01.08.2022
Dates of pitch: 22-23.08.2022
Place: Saint-Petersburg


Turan Film Academy (Almaty) announces admission for the 2022-2023 academic year (Producing Film & TV)


Dedline: 07.07.2022
Consultation: 08.07.2022
First creative examination: 11.07.2022
Second creative examination: 13.07.2022


VGIK (Tashkent) announces admission for the 2022-2023 academic year


Dates: 15.06-15.07.2022
Language: Russian
Format: online & offline
Contact: https://web.telegram.org/z/#2003268598


Bektenaliev in Kadamjay



Bazarov-80: Kinokerben 1



Bektenaliev in Jalal-Abad



Happy Nooruz


Date: 21 March 2022


New issue of a magazine about cinema and art was published in Kazakhstan


Place: Nursultan

Date: March 2022


There will be premiere of the documentary about famous artist - Jylkychi Jakypov


Date: 18.03.2022

Place: Cinema House

Director: Tynai Ibragimov


Kyrgyz film «The Road To Eden» has nominated for a prize «Nika»


«The Road To Eden» made by Bakyt Mukul and Dastan Japar Uulu from Kyrgyzstan has nominated for the «Nika» award in nomination «The best film of CIS and Baltic countries». 


Nurgazy Sydygaliev: 55


He was born in 12.03.1967 in Kyrgyzstan.

His famous role in cinema: boy Nurgazy in White Ship (Bely Parokhod) made by Bolot Shashiev in 1975.

In 2018 he played main role in short fiction "51" made by young director Daniyar Abirov.


Cinema department: Congratulations for our women_kg






Cinema department: Congratulations for our women





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