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The National Award Ak Ilbirs-2020: Call for entries Call the entries!



TV serials: Call the entries!

IV Cinema Forum of the female directors of Kyrgyzstan: Call the entries!

Quarantine: Day after day - 10.05.2020. The Wall: Kyrgyz short film about life in condition pandemic won second prize in Turkey (Eng., Turkish)


One day festival team from Turkey decided to organise competition for super short films made in pandemic condition. There was one condition: the film had to be shot in the conditions in which the director now really lives and comply with the quarantine rules and not contact any outsiders. Movie length should not exceed two minutes. Asel Shamilova, a young director from Kyrgyzstan, decided to take part in the competition. Festival was held online.


Quarantine: Day after day - 02.05.2020. 75 years of the Great Victory. Kyrgyz films about Great Patriotic War


You can to see Kyrgyz films about Great Patriotic War made by National Kyrgyzfilm studio on youtube.


Quarantine: Day after day - 06.05.2020. 75 years of the Great Victory. Kyrgyz film-makers - participants of Great Patriotic War


Quarantine: Day after day - 06.05.2020. Immortal regiment - Kyrgyzstan will be dedicated to 75 years of the Great Victory


Kyrgyzfilm studio made two version of the clips "Immortal regiment - Kyrgyzstan": Kyrgyz & Russian versions.



Quarantine: Day after day - 05.05.2020. "Road to Mecca" - screening at the historical cinema club in Moscow was dedicated to 75 years of the Great Victory


Quarantine: Day after day - 02.05.2020. Kyrgyz film-makers were participants of the Great Patriotic War. Our materials dedicated to 75 years of the Great Victory


Quarantine: Day after day - 30.04.2020. Good news from Tribeca!


1) Assol' Abdullina won award for the best female role in long-fiction film "Materna" at the Tribeca Film Festival 2020!




Quarantine: Day after day - 29.04.2020. Rest in peace Irrfan Khan (07.01.1967 - 29.04.2020)


Cinema lost someone magnificent today. India lost an magnificent artist today. Rest in peace Irrfan Khan. An inspiration and a mindblowing actor. A shocking news in this time (Ams Shahriar).


Quarantine: Day after day - 28.04.2020. We Are One: A Global Film Festival


A coalition of A-list international film festivals including Cannes, Venice, London, Toronto, Berlin, Sundance and Tokyo has partnered with YouTube on a free online spring festival produced and organised by Tribeca Enterprises to raise funds for Covid-19 relief.


Quarantine: Day after day - 23.04.2020. Article about Anna Kutanova at the Forum journal (Moscow)


On the 27.03.2020 I finished to write the article for Moscow journal Forum about Anna Kutanova, was born on 18.01.1930. Chairwoman of the Kyrgyz Society of Blockades of Leningrad. Today was shared pdf-version. Also soon coming the journal on paper.

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