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Quarantine: Day after day - 02.04.2020


1) Publication my report about The 14th Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival on Netpac's website


2) Publication review about Shambala in Kinokultura



Quarantine: Day after day - 30.03.2020


1) At last, I finished to write the opinion about short fiction "The Invasion" (Uzbekistan, 2020)


2) Also try to find information about the story of the film "Avicenna" (Uzbekistan, 1957)



Quarantine: Day after day - 27.03.2020


1) At last, I finished to write the article for Moscow journal Forum about Anna Kutanova, was born on 18.01.1930. Chairwoman of the Kyrgyz Society of Blockades of Leningrad.


2) Gulsara Ajybekova, famous Kyrgyz actress, was born on 27.03.1950



Quarantine: Day after day - 26.03.2020


1) Aktan Arym Kubat, famous Kyrgyz film-director, was born on 26.03.1957


2) Farkhad Bekmanbetov, director of the IFF "Kyrgyzstan - the land of short movies", was born on 26.03.1976



Quarantine: Day after day


1) Inna Makarova, Famous Russian Soviet actress died: today 25.03.2020. She was born on 28.07.1926


2) "The Invasion" - short fiction from Uzbekistan: it's amazing! Must to write my short opinion about this film


Today in VB: Column about Gulsara Ajybekova


Gulsara Ajybekova: 27.03.1950 


She is famous Kyrgyz movie and theatrical actress.


Mar Baydjiev: 85!


Mar Baydjiev - famous Kyrgyz writer, dramaturg and script-writer - was born in 23.03.1935. The best film based on his script - 'The Descendant of the Snow Leopard' made by Tolomush Okeyev. This film won Silver Bear in 1985 in IFF West Berlin. Info about film here



Films made by National Film-studio "Kyrgyzfilm" now on Youtube!





Nazym Abbasov. RIP


Nazym Abbasov (1962 - 2020) - famous film-director from Uzbekistan, his best film "Fellini" was awarded many awards at the IFF.


Happy Nooruz: congratulations

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