Festivals: call for entries

Apply for the: Film Mentoring Program of CineDOC-Tbilisi 2021 (For Central Asian directors and South Caucasus)


Apply for the film mentoring program of the International Documentary Film Festival CinéDOC-Tbilisi! 



The National Award Ak Ilbirs-2020: Call for entries Call the entries!



TV serials: Call the entries!

Documentary film "Slippery Road" from Kyrgyzstan won First prize at "Future Communicators" International Film Festival in Istanbul


Final Date of the festival "Future Communicators": 20.11.2020

Film-director: Gulnara Aitmamatova


Kyrgyzstan put forward the film Running to the Sky for the Oscar award in the category "Best film in a foreign language"




17.11.2020: Kyrgyz cinema day. Kyrgyz filmmakers were awarded at the 2nd IFF "Moscow premiere"




17.11.2020: Kyrgyz cinema day. Director of the cinema Department is congratulationg with the event




Today will close The Second Film Festival Moscow Premiere


Dates of the festival: 12-17.11.2020

Special event: The White Steamship

Main competition: Shambala

Short films competition: "Carousel", "On the Border", "Keku's Weekend"

Documentary program: "Polygon"



17.11.2020: Kyrgyz cinema day. Several filmmakers were awarded




17.11.2020: Day of the Kyrgyz cinema - Special event at the Moscow premiere - White Ship today




Akjoltoy Kulmendeev. RIP




17.11.2020: Day of the Kyrgyz cinema - Kyrgyz participation at the 2nd IFF Moscow premiere (Photos)




17.11.2020: Day of the Kyrgyz cinema - First film made by Melis Ubukeev



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