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Kyrgyzfilm: The new contest (2021_kg)

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Eurasian Creative Guild Film Festival in London: Call for entries!


Deadline: 01.05.2021

Dates of the festival: 24-28.06.2021




Cinema Development Fund is presenting the films from abroad which will be shown at The Third Festival of art-house cinema:
LATE LIFE by Ayub Shakhobiddinov, Uzbekistan

The young but famous film-director from Uzbekistan Ayub Shakhobiddinov will present his new film Late Life at Art-House film festival.


Synopsis. How long can a person remain the victim of his principles and desires? How long can he be the boor in relation to himself and remain the slave of his own dreams? Who can’t sacrifice them for the sake of life and sentence himself to long and painful loneliness? How should a person get freedom that gives the chance to him to be the person rather than to serve canons of appropriate behavior? How to stay true to own life rather than to ideas that lead us to painful disappointments from the life that isn’t passed and it is only exchanged and now late… late to live over again, but it is possible!
Shakhodat's story:

Cinema Development Fund is preparing to The Third Festival of art-house cinema
23-27 August 2011 Cinema Development Fund plans to hold a Third Festival of art-house cinema in Kyrgyzstan.
The festival of art-house cinema - a unique festival that has a non-competitive format forum, which shows the best new movies from Central Asia
, films by young directors and films in production and film projects.

Natgiza Mamatkulova begins to produce a new film - "Zeynep".

Nargiza Mamatkulova begins work on a new short fiction "Zeynep"

Water by Alijan Nasirov have selected to the Kansk IFF!


Today we received the message about it from Ms. Nadya Bakuradze, art-director of the Kansk IFF.

The Kansk IFF will be held from 19 to 27 August, 2011 at Kansk city, Krasnoyarsk region of the Russia.

The team of the Third Art-House film festival informs about preselection for the Kyrgyz National program for the short fiction

  43 (forty three!) domestic films were delivered to the office of the festival.

For the first time in the history of The Art-House IFF our studios have presented such a large number of Kyrgyz short fiction films - this is an absolute record!

Today the Festival Team informs that 18 short fiction films from Kyrhyzstan have selected for the screenings during the festival. It's the preselction result.


Now we are publishing the preliminary list of this program:


International Contest for Creative Scenarios: Central Asia - Korea




Make Your Creative Blossom

We are in support of the imaginative power of peple of cultural work in Korea and Central Asia


Following the 1st Central Asia - Korea Meeting on Cultural Recourse Collaboration in August of 2009, the governments of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tadjikistan, Uzbekistan, and the Republic of Korea established the "Central Asia - Korea Storytelling Committee" in order to promote cultural exchange programs based on the traditional stories of each country.




The short fiction film by Aygul Bakanova have selected to the Leopards of Tomorrow at the Locarno IFF-2011!!!



In a small Kyrgyzstan village the teenage Begaim waits for her husband to return. He has left their marriage to work illegally in Russia.  She is heavily pregnant, and lives with his grandmother, Napisa, who treats her as a servant. While the husband sends money, he has stopped phoning Begaim. 
Begaim is faced with betrayal by an absent husband, a cruel grandmother, and a life for her child with little hope. 
The story is set against the startling mountain landscapes of Kyrgyzstan, next to the lake, but with the humble dwellings and courtyards of the village providing a visual metaphor for the contradictions of post Soviet Central Asia.

Five short movies from Kyrgyzstan will be shown at the First Autumn Human Right Film Festival, Kabul, Afghanistan

Mr. Paul Lee, producer from Canada have informed Cinema Development Fund about this new film festival at Afghanistan. 


1st Autumn Human Right Film Festival (AHRF) will be held at the capital of Afghanistan - Kabul on the October 1 - 7, 2011.


Festival director - Mr. Malek Shafi'i

We are very glad that such famous Kyrgyz short films as "Everything is ok" by Akjol Bekbolotov, "Duty of the Son" by Temir Birnazarov, "I want to Live" by Nargiza Mamatkulova, "Asyl" by Anara Birismanova & Ludmila Grebenshikova and "The Border" by Marat Alykulov have included into the festival program.


The team of the Third Art-House film festival have received 43 new Kyrgyz short fiction films for the selection!


ASAP - the team of the Third Art-House IFF will announce the results of the selection 

43 (forty three!) domestic films were delivered to the office of the festival by July 10th 2011.

For the first time in the history of The Art-House IFF our studios have presented such a large number of Kyrgyz short fiction films - this is an absolute record!


Presentation of two new short films made by "Kyrgyzfilm"

The first one "An Old Man" by Marat Alykulov - short fiction, 20 min, 2011


The second "End of the Time" by Ermek Ibraimov - short documentary, 20 min, 2011

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