Festivals: call for entries

The National Award Ak Ilbirs-2020: Call for entries Call the entries!



TV serials: Call the entries!

IV Cinema Forum of the female directors of Kyrgyzstan: Call the entries!

Kyrgyz documentaries will be shown at Samara film festival "Salt of the Land"



Eurasia VII IFF announced the list of the films selected to the main competition


News from CDF



How Kyrgyz pop-stars are playing at the cinema of class "B"

The correspondent of the newspaper "Super-Info" - Ms. Guldzhamal Borukulova asked Gulbara Tolomushova about "Perfoming level of local pop-stars at the cinema of class "B". There are many movies with participation Kyrgyz pop-singers during last years here. in Kyrgyzstan.
Perhaps the time has come to have a revision at this segment of popular culture.

Best Kyrgyz short films will be shown at the frame of the 2nd Korea-Central Asia Film Show 

Kyrgyz best short fiction and documentaries will be shown at the 2nd Korea-Central Asia Film Show this year (November 18-20, 2011). Mr. Paul Lee, international producer of the Cinema Development Fund have promoted it for this event.


It will be two programmes. We are publishing the list of the films, which will be shown there: I Want To Live, Asyl, Shore, The Border, Neighbours, Duty Of The Son, Everything Is OK, The Devil's Bridge, Nomad Encampent, The Dog Was Running. 


Personal exhibition of Musa Abdiev, famous Kyrgyz film-production designer


Asap: National premiere of the film "Life is Short"

Second film festival Umut for the young film-directors

Kazakhstan & Kyrgyzstan: talking not only about cinema


Newspaper Vremya ("ВРЕМЯ", Almaty) published the talking between Kazakh journalist Tulegen Baytukenov & Kyrgyz filmologist Gulbara Tolomushova. This talking was not only about cinema.


Tulegen have informed that he knew Gulbara at IFF "Shaken's Stars" (Almaty, may-2011).



Birgit Beumers, professor of the Bristol University, muses about the film Light-ake in connection with the start of realize in Britain



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