Festivals: call for entries

The National Award Ak Ilbirs-2020: Call for entries Call the entries!



TV serials: Call the entries!

IV Cinema Forum of the female directors of Kyrgyzstan: Call the entries!

Three short fiction made by CDF had selected into Film Festival, Maine State, US


Msr. Jane Khox-Voina, famous American film-critic had informed us about this. This festival will be held on the July-2012.


Full title of the forum: Мaine International Film Fesitval, Railroad Square, Waterville, Maine and Camden Maine.


Gennadiy Bazarov - 70

Our's congratulations to Gennadiy Bazarov!



«Jaujurek Myn Bala»



Cannes-2012: two films from Kazakhstan!!!


The 65th Cannes International Film Festival will ve held from 16 to 27 of the May - 2012.


Cinema Department: First meeting with independent film-makers


It was on the 11th of the May 2012 at Cinema House, Bishkek.


Director of the Kyrgyz Cinema Department had met with independent film-makers.


Gennadiy Bazarov - 70

Our's congratulations to Gennadiy Bazarov!



Cinema Development Fund starts new project: creation of DVD-collection “Kyrgyz Miracle”



It will be the 19th Congress of the Union of the Kyrgyz film-makers of the Kyrgyzstan


It will be on the 26.05.2012 at State Historical Museum - 10 am



New reviews about Kyrgyz cinema - May 2012




Film made by Flora Gazieva SPASI & SOKHRANI had awarded at DetectiveFilmFest
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