2011 – “Third Art House Film Festival ” 


2011 - Cinema managers conference of Central Asia countries


2011 - "Projects to the 70th anniversary of Kyrgyz cinema":


                  "Cinema Museum"


                  "Higher acting classes for children of homeless children"


                  "The third festival of art-house cinema"


                  "Cinema came to us"


                  DVD collection of "Kyrgyz miracle"

On line

2009 – 2011 - “Young Cinematographers Courses” HIVOS/OSI, First National Television of Kyrgyzstan, Youth Media Center, Kyrgyztelephilm. 



2006-2007 - “Master Classes and 9 month directors’ courses”, with creation of 8 shirt, art house films by students, HIVOS/OSI, Kyryz-Turkish University “Manas”. 


2008 – “Woman handwriting”, HIVOS/OSI creation of 2 shirt, art house films by young filmmakers


2008 – Creation of DVD album “Young Cinema”, Swiss Cooperation Office in Kyrgyzstan

2008 - “Young Cinematographers Studio” - creation of shooting and editing studio for young filmmakers – 1, Goteborg IFF Fund


2008 – Creation of DVD album “Woman handwriting”, HIVOS, Studio “Selkinchek”



2009 – “Second Art House Film Festival ” HIVOS/OSI, “Oy Art” Ltd, Goteborg IFF, Unique Technologies, Bar “Bizon”, Hotel ‘Touristan’, “Meridian” resort, Consulting company “Cyrgyz Concept”, Jeweler association “Keldike”, “Shoro” Ltd.  


2009 - “Young Cinematographers Studio” - creation of shooting and editing studio for young filmmakers – 2, Goteborg IFF Fund


2009 – Educational project “Management in Cinema Industry”, Educational Center “Interbilim”, Kyryz-Turkish University “Manas”.


2009 – Creation of DVD album “Second breeze of Kyrgyz cinema”, Swiss Cooperation Office in Kyrgyzstan, Goteborg International Film Festival Fund.

2010 – Educational project “Photographers profession as a new possibility for street kids”, Professional lyceum №43 in Kyrgyzstan, Canadian Fund, Open Society Institute, Budapest.


2009 – 2010 - Creation of Cinema Web Site, project “Kyrgyzstan as a Back Lot”, Prince Clause Fund.


2010 - Regional film caravan "Here movie comes!!!", Swiss Cooperation Office in the Kyrgyz Republic


2011 - "Courses for the professional film-producers", OSI-Budapest, Union of the Kyrgyz film-makers, KTU Manas 

Film projects
Art house, shirt, fiction films:   
1.  “Toptash” by Nargiza Mamatkulova
2.  “Everything is Ok” by Akjol Bekbolotov
3.  “The ran” by Marat Ergeshov
4.  “Sorry” by Dima Gorojanin
5.  “Orchestra playing” by Emil Atageldiev
6.  “Shining” by Aibek Dairbekov
7.  “I love you” by Erke Djumakmatova
8.  “Game regulations” by Chingiz Narinov
9.  “Kerosene lamp” by Elnura Osmonalieva
10. “The person I have in my night dreams” by Aikyz Gaparova
11. “It is not time” by Aktan Ryskeldiev
12. “Peafowl rudder” by Stanislav Mishenko and Marina Turmanidze
13. “Mittens” by Azamat Cherikbaev
14. “Once upon a time” by Almaz Kabaev
15. “Thank you” by Ruslan Akunov
16. “I’m country” by Kuban Toichubaev
17. “I am Chin Su” by Daniar Orsekov  
18. "Pencil against ants" by Mirlan Abdykalykov 
19. "Snooze" by Mirbek Kadraliev 
Art house, shirt, documentary films: 
1.    “Professionals of future” by Asan Aitikeev  
2.    "In the network of positive " by Almaz Kabaev 
Art house, full length, documentary films: 
 1.    “Almaz” by Elnura Osmonalieva