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Sunday, 02 September 2012 00:00

The 8th Kazan International Festival of Muslim Cinema

Film selection committee members found common movie language for cultural dialogue in new 2012 festival season. This clear-without-translation language became a tool of communication and interaction of cinematography between different countries and nations. The press conference on the 8th Kazan International Muslim Film Festival, which will be held in Kazan on September 5-11, took place in Ministry of Culture of Republic of Tatarstan and started with a silence minute. Summit members stood in memory of the Head of educational department of Muslim Direction of Tatarstan, ex-deputy mufti Valiullah Hazrat Yakupov. Film Festival shares common pain of this tragedy, but takes as its duty to continue existing festival traditions – to form an effective reason of cultural dialogue through the culture of dialogue. All the more – the conception of this activity is popularization of true human values and international relations in the atmosphere of creative dialogue. This is an honorable reflection of ideology of Tatarstan Muslims.


 “The majority of the films of this Festival is connected with the eternal struggle of good and evil, which sometimes causes blood and innocent victims. We sincerely feel sympathy for them. It would be not true if these tragedies could somehow impede the work of our festival, it would be the victory of evil, which tries to wreck all the peace and constructiveness of our world” – said the chairman of the Film Selection Committee famous scenario writer and Professor of Russian State Cinematography University (ВГИК) Odelsha Agishev.


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