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Karlovy Vary International Film Festival currently looking for projects for Works in Progress selection

Work in Progress 2023:

At this event, producers and directors from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the former Soviet Union, the Middle East and North Africa will introduce new films that will premiere after the Karlovy Vary IFF.

Feature Films: released



Release date

The light thief

Aktan Arym Kubat 

April, 2010
Talas - Bishkek

 Nurlan Razakulov

November, 2010


 How To Marry Goo Jun Pe?



 Bishkek, I Love You


 Shakhrezada from Kukushkino





 Shayke (Nayzabek Sydykov, 26.01.2012 - premiere)


 Learn to Love (Adilet Akmatov, 14.02.2012 - premiere)


 Let's Start all over again!



Empty Home (Nurbek Egen, 02.05.2012 - premiere)



Kyrgyzstan, I Love You! (Almanac)



Princess Nazik (Erkin Saliev, 30.08.2012 - premiere)



NONSENS (Gennadiy Bazarov, 17.11.2012 - premiere)


Wanting is not harmful (Anastasia Tynaeva, 05.01.2013 - premiere)


Time & Alykul (Ayday Chotueva, 18.03.2012 - premiere)




Salam, New York! (Ruslan Akun, 14.02.2013 - premiere)



 Do + Fa = LOVE ( Ernest Abdyjaparov, 1.03.2012 - premiere)



 President & Clochard (Askat Sulaimanov, 30.03.2013 - premiere)



 Mystery of Inheritance (Adilet Akmatov, 28.03.2013 - premiere)



Kart Boydok (Akjol Bekbolotov, 01.05.2013 - premiere)



  Affection (Kumar, Temir Birnazarov, 14.06.2013 - press-screening)



 Kurmanjan Datka - Queen of the Mountains (Sadyk Sher-Niyaz, world premiere - Montreal)



THE MOVE (Marat Saulu, World premiere Busan IFF, October-2014



 UNDER HEAVEN (Dalmira Tilepbergenova, 2015)


 Heavenly Nomadic (Mirlan Abdykalykov, World premiere Karlovy Vary IFF, July 2015)



 A Father's Will (Bakyr Mukul & Dastan Japar Uulu, World premiere - Montreal, 2016)



Night Accident (Temirbek Birnazarov, World premiere - Tallin, 26.11.2017)



The Song of the Tree (Aibek Dairbekov, International premiere - Busan IFF IFF, 4-13.10.2018)



Aurora (Bekzat Pirmatov, World premiere - 23rd Busan IFF, 4-13.10.2018)



Lake  (Emil Atageldiev, World premiere 23rd Shanghai IFF, 25.07 - 02.08.2020)


Shambala (Artykpai Suyundukov, World premiere - 23rd Shanghai IFF, 25.07 - 02.08.2020)