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Saturday, 02 June 2012 00:00

Ten Greatest Films of All Time


First time: list from Kyrgyzstan!


Every ten years Sight & Sound magazine conducts a poll of the world’s critics, programmers, academics and curators to find out the Ten Greatest Films of All Time. This poll has been going since 1952, and has become perhaps the most recognised poll of its kind in the world.

This August will be published new list of the Ten Greatest Films of All Time.


Mr. Nick James, the editor of the Sight & Sound invited Gulbara Tolomushova to have participating at this poll.

Thus, G. Tolomushova sent to Sight & Sound her own list of Ten Greatest Films of All Time.


To: Sight & Sound Greatest Film of All Time
From: Gulbara Tolomushova, film-critic, Kyrgyzstan, 17th of the May 2012
Greatest Film of All Time (In chronological order):
1. Battleship Potemkin by Sergei Eisenstein, Russia (USSR), 1925
2. Pather Panchali by Satyajit Ray, India, 1955
3. East of Eden by Elia Kazan, USA, 1955
4. Hiroshima mon amour by Alain Resnais, France, 1959
5. À bout de souffle by Jean-Luc Godard, France, 1960
6. La Notte by Michelangelo Antonioni, Italy, 1961
7. Lawrence of Arabia by David Lean, Great Britain, 1962
8. 8 1/2 by Federico Fellini, Italy, 1963
9. Il gattopardo by Luchino Visconti, Italy, 1963
10. Andrey Rublyov by Andrei Tarkovsky, Russia (USSR), 1966


1. “Battleship Potemkin” was the first great film in my life. I saw it at the age of 14. This film had changed my view to the cinema. I understood - cinema is the art.
2. “Pather Panchali” was the first Indian film of genuine art, which I saw in my life. Prior to this movie, I knew only commercial Indian films.
3. About “East of Eden” knew for a long time, a lot of reading reviews, but I saw in first time some of years ago and was shocked by its power, strong images.
4. I like Resnais’s films, and “Hiroshima mon amour” was his first picture, which I saw. The theme of the film is very relevant today.
5. Until now, when I look new films, made by directors from different countries, I see an open quote from “À bout de soufflé” and “La Notte”. Even in my life, consciously or unconsciously reproduced the scenes from these pictures.
6. For a long time for Soviet citizens, “Lawrence of Arabia” was a secret film, and the hero of mystery. Everyone knew about this film, but nobody saw it. In 1997 the British Council had shown "Lawrence" in a program of British films in Kyrgyzstan. We liked poetic view of the Arab world, intelligence, sensitivity, gentility of Peter O'Toole as Lawrence, the greatness of Alec Guinness as Prince Faisal.
7. “8 ½” - eternal film.
8. I like films made by Visconti and Tarkovsky, and especially the films “Il gattopardo" and "Andrey Rublyov”.
From: Gulbara Tolomushova, film-critic, Kyrgyzstan