The strategy “Kyrgyzstan Cinematography 2010” was created by the group of well-known filmmakers of Kyrgyzstan.
Main strategy lines:
  • Cinema Education - courses off: film director’s, director of photography, editors, producers, marketing and distribution, trips to hold professional upgrade in certain cinema profession.
  • Cultural Activities: cinema festival, cinema conferences
  • Film production: shirt and full length art house fiction and documentary films
  • Creation of promotion materials: DVD albums, magazines and other.
  • Creation of Web Site. 
  • Creation of management cinema net between countries of  CIS
  • For reading about 'Short description of Kyrgyz cinema development strategy' please open here
  • 'List of implemented projects 2006-2019' here
  • 'Kyrgyz Cinema Development Strategy 10+ (full version, Russian)' here
In addition Cinema Development Fund supports other projects, which directed to the cinema development and culture in whole.


Cinema Development Fund is an independent organization that was created in 2006 with the goal to support and develop cinematography of the Kyrgyz Republic, in particular for providing management services and funding to the projects that were planned within the strategic development programs.