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Kyrgyz folklore is also very varied. The Kyrgyz folklore is represented by ritual poetry, lyric, sanat, nasiyat (moral verbal poetry), proverbs, riddles and tales, myths and legends. It is mentioned in the myth about origin of Kyrgyz nation that «Kyrgyz» had appeared from forty girls («kyrk» – forty, «kyz» - girl) which became pregnant by drinking a foam from a river.
Since ancient times Kyrgyz people have been famous for their musicality. They devide their music rooted centuries ago into songs and kyu. Kyu includes all musical compositions for national instruments.
The most popular national musical instrument is three-stringed comuz. Also two-string bow instrument called kyjak and reeded temir ooz comuz, reeded jigach ooz comuz, wind flute instrument (choor), wind reed instrument (surnai) are very famous among people.
Traditional kind of Kyrgyz music is solo music play. Performance of musicians and singers by-turn in form of competition is very popular.




The special kind of Kyrgyz song folklore is akyn song-creativity. Akyn is national singer- improvisator. Talented akyn- virtuoso differs by his perfect vocalic abilities and rich poetic gift. Akyn accompanies his singing with playing the comuz. The main characteristics of Akyns singing is improvisation, ease of development music- poetical thought, tonally- rhythmical freedom, recitative style of performance. Comuz accompaniment is often duplicates a voice of akyn. There are musical comuz losses at the beginning, at the end and between song couplets.