Festivals: call for entries

Film Festival "Nomad 2023: A Living Land": Call for entries

The Film Festival “Nomad 2023: A Living Land” is organized by the Communications and Media Department of the University of Central Asia to be held in Naryn, Kyrgyzstan. The Film Festival aims to provide a platform for emerging filmmakers contributing to the development of the film industry throughout Central Asia. 


Cinema Department: Continuation of the contest of scripts (2023_kg)

Temir Birnazarov's master-class: 2023_kg


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Kyrgyz culture has been forming peculiarly. It has reflection of hard destiny and labor of a Kyrgyz-nomad, his national character with poetical perception of visual environment, fertile imagination and delicate sense of beauty.
Main kinds of Kyrgyzdecorative and applied art were and have remained up until now production of different felt carpets and other household articles made of patterned felt, workmanship of woolen pile carpets, patterned weaving, embroidery, braiding of patterned mats by prairie plants stem (chii) witch wrapped by color wool, making patterned leather goods, woodcutting and embroidery metal working.
In addition to the above listed kinds of applied art, comparatively recent new kinds of embroidery working of mode goods have appeared: manual braiding out of wool and silk, lace knitting, braiding out of leather, color wood painting and bone cutting.


Materials of the Kyrgyz National Historical Museum, in the form of expositions as well and funds, assure you that Kyrgyz art launch from early antiquity. The museum comprises monuments from ancient, mediaeval and modern culture and art of Kyrgyz nation. The funds of Kyrgyz National Museum of the Arts named after G.Aitiev are renewed by art works of national masters permanently.