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Erkin Saliev
Contacts: TRC Ordo
Work address: 73a, Karasaeva Street, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
work: +996 (312) 54 03 33
mob.: +996 (555) 25 99 90
Date of birth: 1956 
Education: Kyrgyz National Arts school named after S.A. Chuikov
All-Union State Institute of Cinematography, Moscow


Honored Cultural Worker of Kyrgyzstan
Diploma named after G.Aitiev
Feature films:
1973 "White ship" - as a assistant
1978 "Rainfall"
1983 "Pitfall"
1984-1986 "Korogoch"
2000 "Maimyl"
2004 "Cloud"
2009 "Paradise for mother"
1986 "Сussed lamb"
Also a lot of social advertisement
International exhibitions:
1986 Modern Soviet painting, Tokyo, Kyoto, Japan
1987 Soviet Arts to women, India
1988 International biannual exhibition, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
1988 International biannual exhibition, Bangladesh
1989 Week of Kyrgyz cinema
1989 Kyrgyz Art, Lisbon, Portugal
1993 Art- myth, Moscow
1993 International biannual exhibition, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
1997 International biannual exhibition, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
1998 Art-saloon-98, Moscow
1999 Art-saloon-99, Moscow
1999 Buksenhauzen, Tirol, Austria
2000 Art-saloon-2000, Moscow
Group and one-man shows:
1989 New wave, Bishkek
1990 Wall, Bishkek
2000 Akaev-2000, Bishkek
1991 Gallery «Pale», Dendermonde, Belgium
1992 Gallery «Bernau», Bernau, German
1993 Gallery «Orient», Moscow
1993 The city owners, Vitlih, German
1993 Gallery «Ordingen», Belgium
1994 Gallery «Elias », Antverpen, Belgium
1994 Pushkin Center, Antverpen, Belgium
2000 Gallery «Ton», Bishkek
2000 Gallery «Ton», Abstract art, Bishkek
2006 Gallery «Town of artists», Exhibition «Nude»
2008 Art-project «Epoch»
1978-2006 – Annual participant in the Republican exhibition, the Kyrgyz State Museum of Fine Arts named after G.Aitiev


1987 Charter of Committee VLKSM
1987 Laureate of Republican competition of young artists, Bishkek
2004 The best début of The First International Eurasian Film Festival «New cinema»
2004 Charter for contribution in development of Republican cinematography
2004 Gratitude of Prime minister of KG for contribution in development of Republican cinematography