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Saturday, 17 September 2011 00:00

Three jury teams of the One World Kyrgyzstan IFF, 2011

The V, One World Kyrgyzstan International festival of documentary films on human rights will be held on September 27 - October 2, 2011, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan at the "Manas" cinema.
For the first time in the festival history there will be three competition programs: national, international and program of films on youth and children rights. Thus there will be three jury teams, now we inform about it.


Here is the list of the three jury teams of the V, One World Kyrgyzstan IFF - 2011:



Mirjam Leuze, Chairwoman, Germany. She is an independent journalist and director of documental films in Germany. Together with her collegue Ralph Wierman she works over the problems of ecology and human rights in Europe, Latin America, central Asia and Africa. She filmed several documentary films for European channels ARTE, WDR, Deutsche Welle and works as a director in several NGOs. Also Mirjam Leuze had a preparation on Cultural anthropology and has worked in Kyrgyzstan for 1 year.
Nurbek Egen, film-director, Kyrgyzstan, Winner of multiple International film festival awards, a well-known Kyrgyz film-director, successfully implementing the major international film and television projects. Graduate of Khotinenko’s studio at the Russian State University of Cinematography named after S. Gerasimov (2000). Films: "Sanjyra" (2001), "Wedding Chest" (2005), “Birth of Manas as a premonition” (2010). Lives in Moscow, Russia.

Maria Rasner (USA), director of the Internews Network Representative office in Kyrgyz Republic. Journalist, has worked on "Echo Moskvy" Radio, Radio Liberty / Free Europe, on National Public Radio (USA), Voice of America. Education - Political scientist, has got a Masters’ degree  from the university in U.S.A., worked in the International Organization for Migration. Was born in Kiev, Ukraine.
Polina Stepanenko, Belarusian human rights activist, litterateur and journalist. In 1990 she graduated from Belarusian State University, after graduating worked in Minsk in the Literary Museum of Maksim Bahdanovich. In spring 1996 joined the initiative group "Spring-96", which rendered assistance to participants of mass protests, victims of political repression. In 1998 she worked in human rights center "Viasna".
Azim Akmatov, a well-known lawyer in Kyrgyzstan, has priceless experience in working in both state institutions (Prime Minister's Office of KR, Ombudsman’s Institute of KR, administration of Pervomaiskiy district) and in independent organizations as well. Graduate of KRSU (Law, 2002) and KSU (History and Social Studies, 1994).



Marat Alykulov, Chairman, film director, screenwriter, Kyrgyzstan. Winner of awards at multiple International Film Festivals. Member of the Cinematographers’ Union of KR, member of the Art-advisory council of the State Cinematography Agency under the Government of KR. Selected filmography: "Border" (2005), "Adep Ahlak" (2007), "The Country and the State" ("Bir Duino" - 2010 Grand Prix), "Old Man" (2011).

Torokul Doorov, "Azattyk" Radio correspondent, Kyrgyzstan. Has a master’s degree in Journalism, Television and Press. A graduate of Moscow State University (Russia, 2004), where he transferred from Kyrgyz National University in Bishkek, KR. His career started from KTR, in 1999. Later, he worked in Free Europe / Radio Liberty.

Aziza Yuldasheva, human rights defender, Kyrgyzstan. She has graduated from the Faculty of World Languages ​​of Osh State University in 1981. Fluent in Russian, English, Kyrgyz and Uzbek languages. Trainer and consultant with an international experience. Chairman of the "Partner" PF board of directors. She is working on the Women’s Peace-building Initiative of Osh.

Elena Voronina, human rights defender, Kyrgyzstan. Expert on the issues of child protection, lecturer, trainer and consultant, journalist, blogger. In 2009-2010 she coordinated the work of the NKO Network of Kyrgyz Republic on protection of human rights and promoting the interests of children.The winner of first award in the competition for "The Best coverage of human rights issues" among the journalists of press in Central Asia, held in 2009 by IWPR (Institute for War and Peace Reporting office in Kyrgyzstan), the European Commission and the OHCHR.

Baiysh Abdybekov, teacher, activist, and Kyrgyzstan. He was born in 1977. Graduated from B.Beishenalieva KSAI in 2000. He works as a teacher of economics in a High-school named after Boogachy  in Ak-Muz village since 1988. Activist of civic education in Naryn Region.
Has got a certificate of PEAKS project programs, such as: “School Improvement”, “Critical Thinking”, “Public Relations”. Trainer of inclusive education programs.
Alijan Nasirov, Chairman, film-director, Kyrgyzstan. He was born in 1980 in Kyrgyzstan. In 2009 he graduated from Radio, Television and Cinema department of Kyrgyz-Turkish University “Manas.” His documentary «Cattle Camp» (2009) and his short fiction «Water» have awarded many prizes at IFF
Tynctyk Abylkasymov, actor & film-director, Kyrgyzstan. He was born in 1986. Has finished faculty of theater and cinema of Kyrgyz State Institute of Arts named after B.Beyshenalieva. He has acted in films «Pure Coolness» and «Behind a White Cloud». Has shot films: «I am», «Orchestra Rehearsal» (both in 2007), «The Country and the State» (two novels «Crossroads» and «Nooruz», 2010).
Kubat Kasynbekov, correspondent of the radio Azattyk, Kyrgyzstan. Best graduator of Kyrgyz-Turkish University Manas in 2011. Among other awards: First place at International competition for young journalists in the competition Best news radio program in 2009, Istanbul, Turkey.
Saltanat Muratbekova, lawyer, Kyrgyzstan
Nazgul Musaeva, a leading specialist of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kyrgyzstan




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