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Tuesday, 06 September 2011 00:00

Kyrgyz documentaries at the frame of the project Nomadic Art Camp


We are presenting four Kyrgyz doumentaries which will be show today, 06.09.2011 at international competition in Cinema House, Bisjkek, 5 p.m., at the frame of the project Nomadic Art Camp.



List of the Kyrgyz films: "Kagan", "Nest", "Sary Oy", "Cattle Camp".



1) «Kagan» by Aydos Toktobaev, 2011, 12 min., production of CDF & KTU Manas
Synopsis. The film is dedicated to the artist who is trying to reveal an image of the great Manas through the prism of their own creativity. Mayramkul, a talented artist who live in the village. For many years he is working on a picture of his life, "Kagan."


2) «The Nest» by Talant Mambetov, 2011, 18 min., production: KTU Manas.

Synopsis. Life is full of happiness and sadness, they always go together. Tagay is the main hero of this film. He lives in one of the village of mountainous Kyrgyzstan. For five years he has been raising his two daughters alone.He is keeping his family tradition, by making saddles. He doesn`t have a boy to teach these skills, so he is going to get married.    


3) «Sary Oy» by Adilet Karjoev, 2011, 18 min., production KTU Manas & Internews/kg
Synopsis. The film tells the story of an eagle hunter, who lives in a remote area with his family, educates and trains two daughters. He is keeping track with time but continues to do the work of his fathers and grandfathers.
4) «Cattle Camp» by Alijan Nasirov, KTU “Manas”, 28 minutes, 2009
Synopsis. The film shows the life of one family in the highlands, where only people, yaks and wolves are able to survive. Young director Alizhan Nasirov has precisely felt a mainstream of today on all space of the former USSR. Nowadays the accent was displaced towards a positive, even in a situation when it seems that there is no exit from an eternal circle of public, household and other problems. In order to live normal life, you should rise in all growth and to start something to do, and then   the crisis situation will change first of all in a space surrounding you. Then everything around will start to work on you.


Photo: Shooting moment of the Sary Oy


Gulbara Tolomushova