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Thursday, 11 August 2011 00:00

Letter to Santa (2010)
Akjol Bekbolotov / 17 min / Kyrgyzstan / 2010 / Fiction
Before Christmas small girl wrote a letter to Santa Clause requesting a Christmas present. This present is very important for her. A lot of events have happened in a small mountain village where small girl lives. Receiving mail is still a tradition in the village.

Akjol Bekbolotov was born in 1983. He studied Communication at Kyrgyz-Turkish University. Letter to Santa was her second short film.


Sebelum Natal seorang gadis kecil menulis surat kepada Santa Klaus. Di dalam suratnya dia meminta sebuah hadiah penting. Berbagai macam kegiatan terjadi di dusun kecil yang terletak di pegunungan tempat gadis itu tinggal. Disana kebiasaan menerima surat masih menjadi kebiasaan.

Akjol Bekbolotov lahir pada tahun 1983. Dia menempuh pendidikan  di Jurusan Komunikasi, Kyrgyz-Turkish University. Leter to santa merupakan film pendeknya yang kedua.


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