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Saturday, 30 July 2011 00:00

The team of the Third Art-House film festival publish list of Central Asian projects which will be present at the working program Laboratory


August 26, 2011 at the frame of the program laboratory at the art-house film festival will be present projects from Central Asia:




1) "Ashes" by Marat Sarulu, Kyrgyzstan
2) "Lenin" by Marat Alykulov, Kyrgyzstan
3) "The Pricess Nazik" by Erkin Saliev, Kyrgyzstan
4) "Irrigation" by Elizaveta Stishova, Kyrgyzstan
5) "My Poplar in a red scarf" by Ernest Abdyjaparov, Kyrgyzstan
6) "A knock on the closing door" by Akmal Khasanov, Tadjikistan
7) "Student" by Darejan Omirbaev. Kazakhstan
8) "Nomadic" by Artyk Suyundukov, Kyrgyzstan
9) "Kyrgystan, I love you!" by "Oymo", Kyrgyzstan
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