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Friday, 22 July 2011 00:00

Cinema Development Fund publish the preliminary guest list of the Third Art-House film festival

23-27 August 2011 Cinema Development Fund plans to hold a Third Festival of art-house cinema in Kyrgyzstan.
The festival of art-house cinema - a unique festival that has a non-competitive format forum, which shows the best new movies from Central Asia
, films by young directors and films in production and film projects.


Today the team of the Art-House film festival publish the preliminary guest list:

1) Roland Rust, Festival director, Cottbus International Film Festival (Germany)
2) Denis Vaslin, Film producer, head of Volya Films company (France, the Netherlands)
3) Thanassis Karathanos, Film producer, head of Pallas Film company, co-founder with Karl Baumgartner (Germany)
4) Juliette Jansen, Programmer of Rotterdam International Film Festival, Member of selection committee of Hubert Bals Fund (the Netherlands)
5) Torsten Frehse, Film distributor, head of Neue Visionen company (Germany)
6) Agnes Wildenstein, Programmer, Locarno International Film Festival (Switzerland)
7) Birgit Beumers, Film critic, Professor, Bristol University (Great Britain)
8) Hong Sang Woo, film-critic, Professor, Gyeongsang National University (Korea)
Awaiting answers:
9) Gulnara Abikeeva, Film critic, Art director of Eurasia International Film Festival (Kazakhstan)
10) Christine Gendre, Programmer of short films section of Cannes International Film Festival, Director of programme of short films, Unifrance (France)
11) Jane Knox-Voina, Film critic, Programmer of Maine International Film Festival (USA)

Central-Asian participants list
1) Bakhtiyar Seitkaziev, Film director (Kazakhstan)
2) Sharofat Arabova, Film director (Tadjikistan)
3) Ayub Shahobiddinov, Film director (Uzbekistan)
4) Umid Hamdamov, Film director (Uzbekistan)
5) Akmal Khasanov, Film director (Tadjikistan)
Opening ceremony film Другой берег - The Other Bank by George Ovashvili (Georgia) who will be our guest!
The Festival of art-house cinema - a laboratory for professional communication and filmmakers invited critics, publishing in the European press, the world's distributors, the European producers, agents for the international film festivals, film markets.

The festival provides an opportunity to:

- To promote the film on world screens (festivals and release);
- To find funding and partners for movies in production and at the level of the film project;
- Meet and communicate with visiting film professionals.

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