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Saturday, 16 July 2011 00:00

The team of the Third Art-House film festival informs about preselection for the Kyrgyz National program for the short fiction

  43 (forty three!) domestic films were delivered to the office of the festival.

For the first time in the history of The Art-House IFF our studios have presented such a large number of Kyrgyz short fiction films - this is an absolute record!

Today the Festival Team informs that 18 short fiction films from Kyrhyzstan have selected for the screenings during the festival. It's the preselction result.


Now we are publishing the preliminary list of this program:


From CDF (Cinema Development Fund) have selected 5 short fiction movies (producer - Ulan Isakbekov):


1) Water by Alijan Nasirov, 2011

2) Once upon a Time by Almaz Kabaev, 2010

3) Snooze by Mirbek Kadraliev, 2010

4) Pencil against ants by Mirlan Abdykalykov, 2010

5) Thank you by Ruslan Akunov, 2010

From "Group Kyrgyzstan the land of short films" have selected 7 short fiction films (coordinator Uluk Muratbekov):

1) Letter to the Santa by Akjol Bekbolotov, 2010

2) Indian Summer by Nurlan Abdykadyrov, 2011

3) Uncompletted Dreams by Tynchtyk Akimaliev, 2011

4) After the Rain by Aygul Bakanova, 2011

5) Kayrat by Venera Jamankulova, 2011

6) Salt by Marat Sarulu, 2010

7) Trolleybus by Ernest Abdyjaparov, 2010


From SEA (Studio Ernest Abdyjaparov) - 1 short fiction films:


Sham by Eldiyar Madakim, 2010


From KTF (Kyrgyztelefilm) - 1 short fiction films (head of the production - Aybek Jangaziev):


Bread, Tea, Toy by Kanat Sartov, 2011


From KF (Kyrgyzfilm) - 2 short fiction films (head of production - Taalay Kulmendeev):


1) Old Man by Marat Alykulov, 2011

2) Earrings by Nargiza Mamatkulova, 2010


From KTU Manas - 2 short films (head of art-supervision Artyk Suyundukov):


1) Nomadic by Moldoseit Mambetakunov, 2011

2) Socks by Argen Kenesh, 2011


The Art-House International Film Festival will be held in Bishkek & Issyk-Kul on 23rd August - 27th August, 2011.


All the best - Gulbara Tolomushova