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Kyrgyz Serial: The contest of scripts (2023_3_kg)

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival currently looking for projects for Works in Progress selection

Work in Progress 2023:

At this event, producers and directors from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the former Soviet Union, the Middle East and North Africa will introduce new films that will premiere after the Karlovy Vary IFF.


Kyrgyz Serial: The contest of scripts (2023_2_kg)
Kyrgyz Cinema
Asankojo Aytikeev

Contacts: «Kyrgyztelefilm»

Work address: 59, Molodaja Gvardija Street, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
work: +996 (312) 65 67 25
mob.: +996 (558) 15 15 02
Date of birth: 01.01.1950
Education: The St. Petersburg Institute of theater, music and cinematography, special subject – director of theater and cinema
Member of Filmmakers Union of KR
Honoured Culture Worker of KR
Feature films:
1984 "Touching eternity" - as second director
1998 "Kyrgyz jeri"
2003 "And blind woman said"
    International Festival prize «Crystal globe» of telefilm of Asian countries, Almaty, 2004
2006 "Okuja" - аs second director
2006 "Toi"
    Diploma of IV International Festival of CIS countries, Nizhny Novgorod, 2007
    Diploma for the best comedy film, Issyk-Kul International Festival of SOC countries, Bishkek, 2008
2011 "Border" (25 min)
Short films:
1979 "Beshik"
1979 "Oh, these women"
1979 "I want to live"
1980 "Concert turns"
1981 "Peddlers"
1981 "Kyrgyz health resorts"
1981 "Factory named after Lenin"
1981 "Trout"
1982 "Mugalim"
1982 "Beating of your heart"
1983 "White spring"
1983 "Follow to the track of snow leopard"
    Letter of commendation of Filmmakers' Union, Kyrgyzstan, 1985
1984 "Peer of October"
1984 "Musa Jangaziev"
1985 "Pass the centuries"
1985 "Task on all life"
1985 "Become a teacher"
1986 "Rice of Kalija Toktogulova"
1986 "Field is building"
    Diploma of Festival «Bastau», Almaty city, 1987
1987 "Flow"
1987 "Issyk-Kul warm"
1988 "Who will sow tomorrow"
1988 "Who is the owner"
    National Festival, Prize for "The best film", Bishkek, 1988
1988 "Spring"
1988 "To live it means to breathe"
1989 "Arteries of life"
1989 "Mineral water of Kyrgyzstan"
1990 "The holy places"
1990 "Before concert"
1990 "Forests of Kyrgyzstan"
1991 "High shore"
    Diploma of «Festival Russia», Sverdlovsk city, 1991
    International Festival «Year of native peoples of the world » -diploma of I degree, Moscow city, 1993
    23 International Festival «Cinema du reel», Paris, 2001
1992 "Ak jol"
1992 "Burana"
1993 "Alai  queen"
1994 "Small Manaschi"
1994 "Taazim"
1995 "Teatr menen omurum"
1996 "Jazylbai kalgan yr saptar"
1996 "Iigilik jaratkan ishkana"
1997 "Kolunan tushpoi kalemi"
    Prize «Small silver stirrup» of First National Telefestival, Bishkek city, 1998
1997 "Melody revival"
1997 "Zakymdar" (Ninakan Jundubaeva)
1997 "Echo of universe"
1997 "Kadrda kinooperator"
1998 "Min jyldar myndan kiinda"
1998 "Kutman kala Balykchi"
1999 "Kelechektin eelery"
1999 "Telelecture" (KSNU)
1999 "Shabdan Batyr bajany"
2000 "Onordogu omur"
2000 "Biospheric territory"
2000 "Don’t exterminate snow leopard"
    Diploma for I place of «Ecological Kyrgyzstan», Bishkek, 2001
    Diploma for II place of First Central Asian Festival «Ecological journalism», Almaty city, 2001
2001 "Teacher is a spring of  knowledges"
2001 "Musakemdin murasy"
2001 "Kyrgyzstan is a country of yak  husbandry"
2001 "Guldogon delphinium"
2001 "Turmush bulagy"
2001 "Sep"
2002 "Inspiration to create"
2002 "Healer"
2002 "Bishkek. Suiloibuz"
2002 "Trademarks"
2002 "Copyright"
2002 "Inventions and innovations"
2003 "Atuul"
2003 "The seven deadly sins. Sloth"
2003 "Decade of creation"
2004 "Ottoi jangan omur"
2004 "Mekenge arnalgan omur"
2004 "Dil syry"
2005 "Master"
2005 "Ak tolkun shookumu"
2005 "I choose"
    Diploma of UNDP for I place
2005 "Call"
2005 "Issyk-Kul"
2005 "Kyrchyn"
2006 "Sagyndym seni Tenir Too"
2007 "Ishker"
2007 "Ilimge salym koshkon omur"
2007 "Director of photography"
2008 "Asylzat eneler bajany"
2008 "Asylzat eneler bajany"
2008 "Eldik televedenijaga 50-jyl"
2008 "Ilimge chyiyr salgan"
2009 "Kurultaidan Jogorku Keneshke cheiin"
2009 "Uluu insan"