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Thursday, 09 June 2011 00:00

 The team of the One World Kyrgyzstan IFF congratulated a creative group "Country and State" with award at the 9th IFF "Shaken's Stars"

There was a meeting between the team of the One World Kyrgyzstan and a Cinematographers Guild unemployed of the Kyrgystan. It was on the 7th of the June 2011 at Cafe Cofee 135, Bishkek. One World Kyrgyzstan congtratulated a creative group of the film "Country and State" with award at the 9th IFF "Shaken's Stars" (May, 2011, Almaty). A creative group of this film based on Cinematographers Guild unemployed.


Director of the One World Kyrgyzstan Mrs. Tolekan Ismailova congratulated a creative group and said that she will hope that in future the young film-makers continue theirs creating the films. At this meeting there were many famous persons of the Kyrgyzstan. Mrs. Mira Karybaeva, representative of the prezident Roza Otunbaeva.

The Team of the One World told about the 5th edition of the festival which be held on the end of the September - beginning of the October 2011.


The film "Country and State" was a winner of the 4th edition of the One World Kyrgyzstan at the National Competition. 


“Country and State”, authors of project E. Djumabaev and M. Alykulov, directors: Tynchtyk Abylkasymov, Joldosh Akmataliev, Chingiz Abubakirov, Ermek Ibraimov, Ermek Ismailov, “Kovcheg” PC, 53 minutes, 2010, Kyrgyz language


Five young film directors created the portrait of our country and epoch without subjectivist putting, with love and compassion, with enlightened discovery that motherland is a destiny. The film had been shot in 2009 in different regions of Kyrgyzstan. This is a documentary project on contemporary condition of the Kyrgyz society in general and some citizens in particularly.
Since disintegration of the USSR in Kyrgyzstan large-scale film has not been created on a real life of our people in regions for unlike the Bishkek citizens they live in a situation of prolonged public crisis. Now it seems that such situation became constant, and changes are not expected soon. There is an impression that a film show only this party of our validity. But there is a hope. A minute of divine transformation of the poor street musician when it starts to execute music of own composition. His thin long fingers, carefully touching keys of the old piano, reproduce familiar atmosphere of the alarm inevitably approaching storms into a fallen asleep space of a hopelessness. The musician makes all his best to constrain an impact of powers of darkness, as if seeing his young compatriots hasten to a storage terminal on the river faster to block distance from Naryn to market in a capital. While in northern Ak-Tjuze the life hardly glimmers, in the south to Kyzyl-Dzhare 12 everything boils and fusses, though a contingent at all is not from this world – inhabitants of psychiatric hospital. But again we come back to Bishkek, citizens prepare for a favorite holiday of Nooruz, associating with it all hopes of the best life.


Gulbara Tolomushova