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The festival of documentary films of the Turkic world is being held for the eighth time under the motto "9 countries, 9 cities - 1 festival".


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POST SPACE is a unique film camp designed to showcase upcoming films from our region to decision makers from around the world. We are a collaborative effort brought together by independent producers, TOLON Museum of Modern Art and the Film Development Fund of Kyrgyzstan.

Sunday, 15 May 2011 00:00

 Two documentaries from Kyrgyzstan awarded at IFF "Shaken's Stars"


Cradle of Happiness - The Best Student's documentary section
Country and State - The Best Documentary - full-lenth film - section Films of the youth
Cradle of Happiness, film-director Asel Zhuraeva, camera – Dastan Japar Uulu, company «Tazar», 20 minutes, 2010.
Synopsis. Women who meaningly and repeatedly interrupt pregnancy, voluntarily doom themselves to loneliness in the future. In an inscription anticipating a film, it is informed on terrible quantity of daily abortions in the world in general and Kyrgyzstan in particular. The director of a picture has decided to depart from stereotypes and as protagonists has chosen two wonderful twin-brothers who seem to be given to themselves. They revel in full freedom …
Festivals: Selected to the documentary film festival Salt of the Land (Samara, 16-20.09.10)
Also has invited to the 14th Muslim Film Festival in Egypt (2-9.10.10).
Bio/filmography of the film-director: Asel Zhuraeva was born in 1988. The student of the fourth year of faculty of Cinema and Theatre at the Kyrgyz State Institute of Arts by the name of B.Beyshenalieva. Worked as an assistant of the directors in the films «Unknown route» of T.Birnazarov, and «Adep Ahlak» of M.Alykulov. 


Country and State, authors of project Emil Djumabaev, Marat Alykulov and Oleg Vyboichenko, film-directors: Tynchtyk Abylkasymov, Joldosh Akmataliev, Chingiz Abubakirov, Ermek Ibraimov, Ermek Ismailov, «ARK» Production company & «Kyrgyzfilm», 55 minutes, 2010

Synopsis. Five young film directors created the portrait of our country and epoch without subjectivistic putting, with love and compassion, with enlightened discovery that motherland is a destiny. The film had been shot in 2009 in different regions of Kyrgyzstan.
This is a documentary project on contemporary condition of the Kyrgyz society in general and some citizens in particularly.
Since disintegration of the USSR in Kyrgyzsta large-scale film has not been created on a real life of our people in regions for unlike the Bishkek citizens they live in a situation of prolonged public crisis. Now it seems that such situation became constant, and changes are not expected soon. There is an impression that a film show only this party of our validity. But there is a hope. A minute of divine transformation of the poor street musician when it starts to execute music of own composition. His thin long fingers, carefully touching keys of the old piano, reproduce familiar atmosphere of the alarm inevitably approaching storms into a fallen asleep space of a hopelessness. The musician makes all his best to constrain an impact of powers of darkness, as if seeing his young compatriots hasten to a storage terminal on the river faster to block distance from Naryn to market in a capital. While in northern Ak-Tjuze the life hardly glimmers, in the south to Kyzyl-Dzhare 12 everything boils and fusses, though a contingent at all is not from this world – inhabitants of psychiatric hospital. But again we come back to Bishkek, citizens prepare for a favourite holiday of Nooruz, associating with it all hopes of the best life.
Bio/filmography of film-directors:
Tynchtyk Abylkasymov was born in 1986. Has finished faculty of theater and cinema of Kyrgyz State Institute of Arts named after B.Beyshenalieva. He has acted in films «Pure Coolness» and «Behind a White Cloud». Has shot films: «I am», «Orchestra Rehearsal» (both in 2007), «The Country and the State» (short stories «Crossroads» and «Nooruz», 2010).
Zholdosh Akmataliev in 2009 has finished faculty of theater and cinema of Kyrgyz State Institute of Arts named after B.Beyshenalieva. He took part in shootings of many films. In the project «The Country and the State» as со-director has shot short stories «Crossroads» and «Nooruz», as the operator – «Kyzyl Dzhar 12».
Chingiz Abubakirov was born in 1987. Has shot a film «Mum» (2008), in the project «The Country and the State» has shot story «The White Valley».
Ermek Ibraimov was born in 1978. He has graduated Philosophy and Public service faculty at the Kyrgyz State National University in 2000. He has acted in a leading role in a film «Adep Ahlak» (2007). In the project «The Country and the State» has shot a short story «The Melody for …»
Ermek Ismailov was born in 1971. Cameraman, director, TV Presenter, journalist, editor. Has studied in Kyrgyz Republic, Russia and USA. In 2010 conducted trainings at the group «Film», PASCH-Sommerschule Bischkek (Goethe-Institut Almaty, Schulen: Partner der Zukunft, DAAD). Has shot films: «Invention», «Soaking», «Kyzyl-Djarskaja Rapsody» and others. In the project «Country and the State» has shot the novel «Kyzyl-Djar 2».