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Call for entries: The VI Film Forum Of Women Film Directors Of Kyrgyzstan


Deadline: 01.03.2024


XI Forum of the young cinema Umut-2024


Dates & place: 29.03-01.04.24, 2024, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Organizer: Cinema Department with support: Interstate humanitarian cooperation fund
Participants: Ex-Soviet countries

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Saturday, 07 May 2011 00:00

"Snooze" against "Incomplete Dreams"


Two short fiction films made by young Kyrgyz film-directors at the competitive program “Young Cinema” of the 9th Almaty IFF “Shaken’s Stars”




Synopsis of the film "Snooze"
Hero of movie «Snooze» goes through the chain of dreams. Every dream is a real cliff hanger and another one starts again. We see life in a somnolence, every time set apart the time of waking up.
Director: Mirbek Kadraliev
Production: SF «Cinema development fund»
Producer: Ulan Isakbekov
Running time: 20 min. 08 sec.
Year: 2010
Country: Kyrgyzstan

Synopsis of the film Incomplete Dreams by Tynchtykbek Akimaliev


This short movie reflects author’s attempt to remind the audience in some symbolic way about the life values and inevitability of death. Such stylistic has been used by the author on purpose, when via boy’s fragments of the memory related to his childhood and dreams, the whole picture-mood effecting sub consciousness of the audience, is related.