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Saturday, 07 May 2011 00:00

National premiere of the film "Adep Akhlak" by Marat Alykulov


It was on the 6th of the May 2011 at Cinema House (Bishkek). And all people will can to see this film between 7-21 of the May at 6 pm.


Synopsis of the film "Adep Akhlak"
The three main heroes of the film – Bakit, Erkin and Stas – are neighbors from the block. They have been good friends since early childhood, they all went to the same school and have preserved their friendship in spite of an age difference. The three of them lead separate lives, but their stories have a very important and strange common element, which is present in our everyday lives, and that is the ABSURD. The absurd in the film is organically integrated with the living tissue of life.
Balit is 23, he is a student at the University. During the course of the entire film Bakit attempts to commit suicide, but he always fails. We will not learn the reason for Bakit’s suicidal behavior until the very end of the film. The storyline makes the film into a sort of a detective story. The ending is paradoxical, but everything is explained without any need for additional comments.
Erkin is 32, he is an entrepreneur with a small business, and he is married. This very joyous and, to some extend, frivolous man is a symbol of a modern Don Juan. The single most important thing for him is love without the possibility of a commitment. Adventures typical for such a romance-driven character therefore happen to him very naturally
Script and direction: Marat Alykulov
Director of photography: Aibek Djangaziev
ProductionDesign: Bayish Ismanov
Sound: Murat Ajiev
Cast: Marat Kozukeev, Ermek Ibraimov, Nikita Salimbaev
Producer: Altynai Koichumanova
Production: Oy Art by the support Hubert Bals Fund, Produire au Sud, B2B, 2007