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Friday, 06 May 2011 00:00


Renaissance of the Kyrgyz cinema miracle

On the 17th of the November 2011 Kyrgyzstan will celebrate 70 years - anniversary of the Kyrgyz cinema.
There were two successful period in the Kyrgyz cinema: "The Golden Periods of development. In the 60s of the twentieth century the world cinematography discovered "The Kyrgyz Cinema Miracle" after the outstanding films made by Tolomush Okeyev, Bolot Shamshiev, Melis Ubukeyev and Gennady Bazarov.
In the 90s after gaining independence the Kyrgyz cinema again brightly asserted itself. At that time the films made by Aktan Arym Kubat (Abdykalykov), Marat Sarulu, Ernest Abdyjaparov and Temir Birnazarov produced in accordance with the highest principles of the best cinema, have delighted sophisticated spectators at the most prestigious festivals.
Today the Kyrgyz cinema is enriched with an inflow of a new generation of film-directors.
Having deep roots they also know several foreign languages. The esthetic strive to make author's cinema (art-house) appeared in them together with the dream to become a film-director.
The selection committee of the Almaty Interanational Film Festival "Shaken's Stars" (Kazakhstan) - expressed their sincere admiration of the young Kyrgyz film-directors movies. They have selected five short films for competition and eight short films for the Special program called "Cinema Focus: Kyrgyzstan".
Thus, the IX Almaty IFF "Shaken's Stars" provides a good opportunity to get acquanted with the new Kyrgyz generation cinema.
Several programmes of the festival have short fiction films and documentaries. 
Six of them are graduates of the Cinema Development Fund (CDF), an independant, non-commercial organization, established in 2006 for development and support of the Kyrgyz cinema. 
In 2007 CDF organized the first educational project "Courses for Young film-directors". There was Akjol Bekbolotov among the students. He made his famous film "Everything is OK"..
In 2009 CDF initiated its second "Courses for Young film-directors". Within this project 16 short movies have already been produced. Till the end of this year 8 more films are planned to be made.
Among the other film schools who regularly issue professionals of the Kyrgyz cinema are the following: The Kyrgyz-Turkish University "Manas" and Kyrgyz State Institute of Arts by the name of B. Beyshenalieva.
And I am, as a promouter of the Kyrgyz cinema abroad decided to present program of the new brilliant films of the new generation of Kyrgyz film-makers at different film festivals. 
And the first special program will be at 9th Almaty IFF “Shaken’s Star” (11-15/04/2011)


Truly yours - Gulbara Tolomushova, film-critic

wrote this article for the Catalogue of the IX Almaty IFF "Shakens Stars" (Kazakhstan, 11-15 May, 2011)