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Sunday, 02 August 2020 00:00

Quarantine: Day after day - 02.08.2020. "After the Rain" will be shown at the Burbank International Film Festival, September 10th - 13th 2020 in LA!


"After the Rain": the film is about bride kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan, 2019. long fiction

Producer & writer: Eugene Chang (USA)

Director: Chingiz Narynov

DoP: Talgat Berikov

Actors: Ulanbek Sultangaziev, Nazbiyke Aydarova, Sakyn Karabaev, Taalaikan Abazova etc.

Producer & writer of this film Eugene Chang informed us about this great news! "After the Rain" became Semi-finalist for Foreign Language Films.
After the Rain
Eugene Chang, producer & writer
Chingiz Narynov, director

Eugene Chang with actresses Taalaikan Abazova and Nazbiyke Aydarova


Talgat Berikov, DoP


Ulanbek Sultangaziev


Shooting process