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Sunday, 10 May 2020 00:00

Quarantine: Day after day - 10.05.2020. The Wall: Kyrgyz short film about life in condition pandemic won second prize in Turkey (Eng., Turkish)


One day festival team from Turkey decided to organise competition for super short films made in pandemic condition. There was one condition: the film had to be shot in the conditions in which the director now really lives and comply with the quarantine rules and not contact any outsiders. Movie length should not exceed two minutes. Asel Shamilova, a young director from Kyrgyzstan, decided to take part in the competition. Festival was held online.



Asel Shamilova wrote a script, staged, starred as an actress. Her husband, Asan Dzhantaliev. was director of photography.


Synopsis of the film "The Wall". The girl, watering her garden, realizes that the little neighboring girls are in need. Now, during quarantine, many people need attention and support. Kindness and humanity can overcome any obstacles.


Result: Second prize! Congratulations!


Synopsis by Turkish: Bahçesini sulayan kız komşu çocuklarının acıktıklarını anlıyor ve yardımda bulunuyor. İnsanlığın zorluk çektiği böylesi günlerde, iyi niyet ve güzel insanlık duvarları bile aşar…


Turkish titile: "Yalnız değilsin" - "You're not alone".



Script-writer, director, actress of the film "The Wall" - Asel Shamilova





Awards: 2nd prize - 3.000 TL




Gulbara Tolomushova