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The festival of documentary films of the Turkic world is being held for the eighth time under the motto "9 countries, 9 cities - 1 festival".


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POST SPACE is a unique film camp designed to showcase upcoming films from our region to decision makers from around the world. We are a collaborative effort brought together by independent producers, TOLON Museum of Modern Art and the Film Development Fund of Kyrgyzstan.

Saturday, 16 April 2011 00:00

Script Pipeline: . . . in the last 6 months.
October 2010 - Script Pipeline contest winner Evan Daugherty, who found representation through Pipeline contact Jake Wagner, sold his spec Snow White and the Huntsman to Universal for $3 million.
November 2010 - Writers Workshop "Recommend" Micah Barnett sold his spec The Rabbit to Warner Bros. for six figures. Chris Tucker attached to star.
For the last decade, Script Pipeline has connected up-and-coming screenwriters with executives looking for new material, totaling millions of dollars in spec sales, option agreements, and paid writing opportunities.
Beyond our 200 industry contacts, even more production companies, managers, agencies, and top-level independent producers are contacting us eager to review our top 20 contest finalists, in addition to “Recommends” from our Writers Workshop. And the number of requests are growing. Fast. 
In the upcoming months, our readers will review thousands of scripts submitted through the Screenwriting and TV Writing competitions, confident that new talent and extraordinary material will emerge, so that we may continue to play a decisive role in launching the careers of writers worldwide.
Below, please find information on our 2011 competitions. Feel free to E-mail us with any questions on the contests,
Writers Workshop, or the upcoming Secret Door Pitchfest taking place in Los Angeles June 4th.
DEADLINE: May 1st, 2011 
$100,000 Cash & Prizes
   2011 Screenwriting Competition
   2011 TV Writing Competition
Recent Script Pipeline Competition Success Stories
2008 Winning Script SHRAPNEL to be directed by John McTiernan (‘Die Hard’)
Winner Evan Daugherty Sold Spec ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ to Universal for
$3 million
2010 Winner Tripper Clancy Found Representation through SP Contact FilmEngine; recently signed with UTA
Writers Workshop “Recommend” Micah Barnett sold ‘The Rabbit’ to Universal for six-figures, Chris Tucker attached to star
2009 Screenwriting Competition Finalist Kevin Jones found representation with
ZeroGravity Management
2009 Winner Troy Taylor’s script, ‘The Eleven,’ was optioned less than a month after the contest
Competition winning script ‘Slammin’ sold to Warner Bros. for six figures in 2005
Script Pipeline, LLC is a full–service screenplay analysis and resource outlet designed for writers, producers, and film industry professionals.
For over 10 years, Script Pipeline has been a leader in screenplay analysis, serving not only as a coverage service, but a link connecting up–and–coming writers with development executives. Through a composite directory, Script Pipeline has gathered the specific needs and submission guidelines of production and management companies, literary agencies, independent producers, and creative executives searching for scripts. Along with extensive resources, this information is available through their members–only Writers Database, where users may search through 1,300–plus listings. Database members also have the ability to send queries/loglines for free review and inquires about writing, film, and the industry in general.
Script Pipeline continues to offer top–notch coverage services and the potential to have one’s script circulated to production companies, agents, and managers through our Writers Workshop, which reviews screenplays, short scripts, and TV specs and pilots. Rave reviews and success stories continue to fuel the Workshop, as more and more writers benefit from Script Pipeline’s wide array of resources, from one–on–one consultations to basic story notes.
Most recently, Operation Endgame, a former Workshop “Recommend” screenplay written by Brian Watanabe, starring Ellen Barkin, Ving Rhames, and Zach Galifianakis, was released in 2010, as was Script Pipeline’s first production, The Living Wake, starring Mike O’Connell and Academy Award-nominee Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network).
Writer Evan Daugherty optioned his 2008 contest–winning script Shrapnel, set to be directed by John McTiernan, and in 2010 sold a spec to Universal for $3 million. Micah Barnett, a Workshop "Recommend" in 2009,who found management with Script Pipeline contact FilmEngine, sold his spec The Rabbit to Warner Bros. for six-figures. 
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