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Berlinale-2020 / Awards


Dates of the Berlinale-70: 20.02 - 01.03.2020 

Golden Bear: "Sheytan Vojud Nadarad" made by Mohammad Rasoulof, Iran



The Golden Bear for Best Film of the 70th Berlinale goes to "Sheytan vojud nadarad" (There Is No Evil), directed by Mohammad Rasoulof and produced by Mohammad Rasoulof, Kaveh Farnam, and Farzad Pak.


The four stories that comprise "Sheytan vojud nadarad" are variations on the crucial themes of moral strength and the death penalty that ask to what extent individual freedom can be expressed under a despotic regime and its seemingly inescapable threats.



The Silver Bear Jury Prize (Short Film) goes to "Filipiñana" by Rafael Manuel.


The self-contained cosmos of a golf course reflects social structures. New “tee-girl” Isabel still has to learn the rules. But she is already looking for loopholes to subvert the system.



The Silver Bear for Outstanding Artistic Contribution of the 70th Berlinale goes to Jürgen Jürges for the cinematography in "DAU. Natasha" by Ilya Khrzhanovskiy and Jekaterina Oertel.


Natasha works in the canteen of a secret Soviet research institute. She drinks a lot, likes to talk about love and embarks on an affair. State security intervenes. A tale of violence that is as radical as it is provocative.



The Award for Best Director in the Encounters Competition goes to Cristi Puiu for "Malmkrog".


Guests at the mansion of man of the world Nikolai discuss death, the Antichrist, history and rule, progress and morality. Based on a text by Russian philosopher Vladimir Solovyev, Cristi Puiu’s fresco is a razor-sharp criticism of our times.