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Tuesday, 25 February 2020 00:00

Berlinale / Encounters: The Shepherdess and The Seven Songs


Date of the screening at the EFM: 24.02.2020 

Original title: "laila aur satt geet"

Section: new competition Encounters




My opinion about film: “A beautiful, but in many ways unexpected film. Each subsequent plot turn overturned the one I expected to see. Each subsequent action overturned my expectations. The whole film was not like the one I planned to see after its first shots”











Pushpendra Singh after screening of his film at the EFM




Encounters is a platform aiming to foster aesthetically and structurally daring works from independent, innovative filmmakers. Its goal is to support new perspectives in cinema and to give more room to diverse narrative and documentary forms in the official selection.


Conceived as a counterpoint and a complement to Competition, Encounters is a competitive section devoted to new cinematic visions. The films selected will challenge traditional forms and ask viewers to reconsider their positions in relation to them. Being a mirror of the different ways of production that have developed in the 21st century and reflecting this vibrant energy, Encounters will become a meeting point for filmmakers and producers, programmers and film critics, cinephiles and festival lovers.


Not distinguishing between genres, Encounters comprises around 15 works - world or international premieres of fiction or documentary films of at least 60 minutes in length. A three-member jury will choose winners for best film, best director and a special jury award



Poster of this film included to the shortlist