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Saturday, 07 December 2019 00:00

Bastau: "Voice of the Province" - Best short documentary


Title of the festival: VIII International Festival of student and debut films "Bastau"

Dates: 03 - 07.12.2019

Place: Almaty, Kazakhstan

"Voice of the Province" made by Asel' Sydykova, Kyrgyzstan, 2018, Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University

President 0f the festival: Sergey Azimov

Sergey Azimov, Festival President
Best Short Documentary - "Voice of the Province" made by Asel' Sydykova, Kyrgyzstan, 2018, KTMU
Student jury
Student jury: Best short film "Out Like a Light" 

"Out Like a Light", Lithuania, 2019, 20'


Original title: "Laimei einant, užmigęs buvau"

 Script-writer: Artūras Voiničius

Film-director: Laura Tamošiūnaitė Šakalienė

Director of Photography: Julius Sičiūnas LAC

Production-designer: Evelina Dapkutė

Music by Andrius Šiurys

Sound-director: Paulius Bučius

Editor: Balys Kumža

Producers: Giedrė Burokaitė/ Laura Tamošiūnaitė Šakalienė

Production studio: Všį Meno Avilys/ MB Oktava LT


Traveller woman - Diana Anevičiūtė-Valiušaitienė

Mother - Aušra Pukelytė-Kazanavičienė

Father - Ridas Jasiulionis

Daughter Roberta Sirgedaitė

Son Deividas Breivė

Synopsis: A fallen tree interrupts not really quiet family trip to their relatives. The father is fully obsessed with his work, the mother tries to control everyone, the daughter looks very pale and the son is the only person full of energy and curiosity. A strange woman appears from nowhere and asks to drive her home. That results in a phantasmagoric trip with old woman, while wild animals are watching the people. Their son's loss suddenly uncovers pain points of the family and reveals true nature of the people who don't need to hide their impatience, petulancy, intolerance... But under such extreme conditions. the family gets the chance to take a fresh look of themselves and each other.

Laura Tamosiunaite-Sakaliene
Own inf.