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Tuesday, 29 October 2019 00:00

VII Forum 'Umut': Information about 'Asiya' & 'Air'
Dates of the VII Forum Umut: 6-10.11.2019
Place: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Forum Umut is dedicated to the memory of the famous Kyrgyz actor Suymenkul Chokmorov
These two short fiction from International competition: 'Air' by Aizhana Kasymbek & 'Asiya' by Dinara Abdrashitova were included to the final list of nominees for the best Asian short fiction Award at the 5th Asian World Film Festival in Los-Angeles, ceremony will be on the 13.11.2019.





Original title: AUA (Air)

Director, Screenwriter: Aizhana Kassymbek

Producer: Diana Ashimova

Director of Photography: Aigul Nurbulatova

Sound producer: Ilya Gariyev

Artistic director: Anastassiya Ponomareva

Cast: Chingiz Uketayev, Alexander Kolovertnykh,

Editor: Aigul Nurbulatova, Timur Nurdaulet

Production: Kazakhfilm, 2018, 14'


To breathe means to live and whatever problems arise in the life of each person we keep living as long as we breathe. It is the story of the decision making and the growing up of a teenager who has to take care of his paralyzed grandfather, whose state becomes worse and worse day by day. A boy dreams to escape from the everyday routine and to go away from the problems in order to meet his dream of becoming a pilot, but the sense of accomplishement and love to his Grandfather don't allow him to leave the dying old man alone. They live their everyday life, until  the neighbor boy sows the seeeds of discord in his soul, “what if  just to get rid of the old man?”

From this very moment everything that was so routine before now only irritates and causes the reluctance to return home. And it's very easy to stop all his sufferings, you need just to leave him home alone for a few days or give him less food or just put a pillow over his face and nobody knows nothing. 

But will the love raised by his grandfather in him allow a teenager to commit a crime?





Director, Screenwriter: Dinara Abdrashitova

Producer: Aynur Askarov

Director of Photography: Vyacheslav Lozhkovoy

Production studio: N.S. Michalkov Academy, 2019, 15'


The mother once told Asiya that her father was a pilot. Since that time, every morning the girl watches for planes in the sky and waves them hoping that her father will see her. One day her mother says that a guest will come to their place. Asiya is sure that her daddy at last noticed her from the sky...


About "Asiya" you can read here


International Competiton:



  1. «19 сентября», Армения, реж. Астхик Казарян, 2019, 28’
  2. «Асия», Россия, Башкортостан, реж. Динара Абдрашитова, 2019, 15’
  3. «Воздух», Казахстан, реж. Айжана Касымбек, 2018, 14’
  4. «Вор», Узбекистан, реж. Ильхом Хайдаров, 2019, 10’
  5. «Изгородь», Россия, Республика Алтай, реж. Михаил Кулунаков, 2018, 25’
  6. «Карусель», Кыргызстан, реж. Адилет Каржоев, 2019, 20’
  7. «На границе», Таджикистан - Кыргызстан, реж. Тынчтык Абылкасымов, 2019, 20’
  8. «Ночной разговор с палачом», Россия, реж. Яков Сивченко, 2018, 20’
  9. «Обмен», Россия, реж. Аксинья Гог, 2019, 20'
  10. «С дипломом в аул», Казахстан, реж. Самгар Ракым, 2019, 29’
  11.  «Самая прекрасная картина в мире», Узбекистан, реж. Хуснитдин Байматов, 2019, 15’
  12. «Стулья», Азербайджан, реж. Орхан Агазаде, 2018, 20’
  13. «Ублюдок», Азербайджан, реж. Даниэль Гулиев, 2018, 19’
  14. «Холодной летней ночью», Казахстан, реж. Амир Аменов, 2019, 23’
  15. «Я привкус солнца в Армении родной люблю», Армения, реж. Рафик Оганесян, 2019, 13’
  16.  «Я спал, когда счастье проходило мимо», Литва, реж. Лаура Тамошюнайте-Шакалиене, 2019,20'