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Sunday, 03 April 2011 00:00

6 films of the young film-directors from Kyrgyzstan have selected to the First International film festival «BASTAU», Almaty.


First International film festival «Bastau» will be held from 22nd to 26th of the April, 2011 at Almaty, Kazakhstan. 
Thus, the selection commission of the festival included five new films to the competition:
1) «Home» by Kuban Toychubaev (Cinema Development Fund, 2010)
2) «Tower» by Aydos Toktobaev (Cinema Development Fund, 2011)
3) «Water» by Alijan Nasirov (Cinema Development Fund and KTU Manas, 2011)
4) «Epos» by Gani Kudaybergen («Kyrgyzfilm» and KTU Manas, 2011)
5) «Earrings» by Nargiza Mamatkulova, («Kyrgyzfilm» and KTU Manas, 2010)
6) «Kalpak» by Cholponay Borubaeva (Kyrgyztelefilm, 2010)
All the best – Gula Tolo, http://www.kyrgyzcinema.com/