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Saturday, 21 September 2019 00:00

Almaty Film Festival - 2019. Winners


Title of the festival: The Second Almaty Film Festival

Dates: 14-20.09.2019

Place: Almaty, Kazakhstan

President of the festival: Akan Satayev 

List of the winners:
Grand-Prix: "Let There Be The Light"
Best direction: "Adam"
Best female role: Salome Demuria, "Inhale-Exhale"
Best male role: Valentin Novopolskij & Dawid Ogrodnik, "Oleg"
Special jury prize: "It Must Be Heaven"
UNESKO Award: "Women Of The Silk Road"
Grand-Prix: "Let There Be The Light"
by Marko Skop (Slovakya & Czech Republic, 2019, 93')
"Let There Be The Light". Milan  (40) has three children and does construction works in Germany in order to support his family in Slovakia. While visiting his home over Christmas he discovers that his eldest son Adam is a member of a para-military youth group and is involved in the death of a classmate. The father has to decide what to do. In this process, along with his wife, he comes to discover the real truth about their son, their family, themselves and the community around them.
Best director: Maryam Touzani, "Adam"
Morocco, France, Belgium, 2019, 98'
"Adam". Abla runs a modest local bakery from her home in Casablanka where she lives alone with her 8 year-old daughter Warda. Their routine of housework and homework is interrupted one day by a knock on the door. It is Samia, a young woman looking for a job and a roof over her head. Samia's arrival begins to offer all of them the prospect of a new life.
Special jury prize: 'It Must Be Heaven' by Elia Suleiman,
France-Qatar-Germany-Canada-Turkey-Palestine, 2019, 97'
'It Must Be Heaven'. ...Suleiman stars as a fictionalised version of himself in this slapstick comedy, whose story often masks themes of great subtlety and, it must be said, frequently frustrating ambiguity. More review here
Best female role: Salome Demuria, 'Inhale-Exhale'
by Dito Tsintsadze, Georgia, Russia, Sweden, 2019, 91'
'Inhale-Exhale'. Irina, 43, is returning home from prison. After a long period of imprisonment the reunion with the family turns to be not the way she expected it. She will have to gradually gain the trust of her relatives - daughter, son and mother-in-law... More about the film here
Best female role: Salome Demuria, 'Inhale-Exhale'
by Dito Tsintsadze, Georgia, Russia, Sweden, 2019, 91'
Best male role: Valentin Novopolskij & Dawid Ogrodnik,
"Oleg" by Juris Kursietis (Latvia, Lihuania, Belgium, France, 2019, 108')
"Oleg". ..After a dream-like, snow-napped and drone-captured opening sequence in which Oleg (Novopolski) falls through the ice into a lake — an interlude that remains enigmatic until the film's end — Oleg is seen landing in Brussels. (His fellow passengers all applaud when the plane lands safely, a tiny but spot-on detail that immediately pegs them as Eastern European.) Being part of the Russian-speaking minority back home makes Oleg culturally displaced already, a kind of demographic remnant of the Soviet era, and not an EU citizen like other Latvians... More here
UNESCO Award: Women of the Silk Road by Yassamin Maleknasr
Iran, Oman, Tadjikistan, Turkey, 2017, 70'
"Women of the Silk Road". A lyrical feature documentary portrays four women from four countries of the Silk Road, connected by the narrative presence of Yassamin Maleknasr, the director and the storyteller. It is the story of diversity, independence, and empowerment of women, one of struggle, love and hope reminding us of our similarities as people.