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Friday, 20 September 2019 00:00

Almaty Film Festival - 2019. Day after day: press-conferences


Title of the festival: The Second Almaty Film Festival

Dates: 14-20.09.2019

Place: Almaty, Kazakhstan

President of the festival: Akan Satayev 

                                    Thanassis Karathanos (Germany) - producer of the film 'It Must Be Heaven',
                                  Ekaterina Bordacheva - moderator, 19.09.2019
'It Must Be Heaven' by Elia Suleiman, France-Qatar-Germany-Canada-Turkey-Palestine, 2019, 97'
'It Must Be Heaven'. ...Suleiman stars as a fictionalised version of himself in this slapstick comedy, whose story often masks themes of great subtlety and, it must be said, frequently frustrating ambiguity. More review here
20.09.2019: Kim Ki-Duk (Korea), Adiz Radjabov (Uzbekistan), Salome Demuria (Georgia),
Eiko Mizuno-Gray & Jason Gray (Japan)  
'Inhale-Exhale' by Dito Tsintsadze, Georgia, Russia, Sweden, 2019, 91'
'Inhale-Exhale'. Irina, 43, is returning home from prison. After a long period of imprisonment the reunion with the family turns to be not the way she expected it. She will have to gradually gain the trust of her relatives - daughter, son and mother-in-law... More about the film here
'Dissolve' by Kim Ki-Duk, Kazakhstan, Korea, 2019, 80'
'Dissolve'. Girl-1 bound by a traditional family and household. One day she meets Girl-2 with the same appearance. This girl has a free lifestyle and a rich sponsor who provides her with everything. From this moment on, these two people change roles and help each other. But the further it goes on, the move dangerous the situation becomes for Girl-1.
'To The Ends Of The Earth' by Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Japan, Uzbekistan, Qatar, 2019, 120'
'To The Ends Of The Earth'. Yoko hosts a hit travel show, but she's an insular person who holds onto a bigger dream. On assignment in Uzbekistan things don't go as planned. In Samarkand, she feels sorry for a tied up goat, in Tashkent, Yoko wanders into an opulent theatre, fantasizing she's on stage, while filming at a bazaar, Youko's timid nature gets her in trouble with the police. Some of the team return to Japan but Yoko stays. As she ventures into the mountains, her spirit is freed.