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Wednesday, 11 September 2019 00:00

Christiane Buchner have been meet with Head of the Cinema Department 


Christiane Buchner - member of the Selection Committee of the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen. She was the chairperson of the National jury of Baiqonyr International Short Film Festival in Almaty. She came to Bishkek for meetings, cooperation and screenings in Kyrgyzstan. Head of the Cinema Department at the Kyrgyz Ministry for Culture, Information and Tourism - Mr. Muktaly Bektenaliev met with Christiane Buchner on the September 11, 2019.

Christiane Buchner told about the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, and also about the interest to the Kyrgyz cinema. Muktaly Bektenaliev told about great facts of the Kyrgyz cinema: there were two short films in the Soviet period which were winners of this film festival: "Manaschi" (1965, made by Bolot Shamshiev) and "Kochev'e kosmonavta" (1983, made by Shamil' Djaparov). 
Christiane Buchner also said that two young Kyrgyz film-directors was the participants of Oberhausen film festival - in 2018 - Meerim Dogdurbekova who presented her film "Bakyt" and in 2019 - Karash Janyshov who won Special prize for his film "The Farewell". 
Muktaly Bektenaliev wish that Christiane Buchner will have a very fruitfull days in Bishkek. And that she will find very good Kyrgyz films for next edition of the Oberhausen film festival!

We are thankful to Goethe-Institut Kasachstan for the support

the visit of Ms. Christiane Buchner to Bishkek



We are thankful to American University in Central Asia for the support the presentation of Ms. Christiane Buchner


We are thankful to American University in Central Asia for the support of screenings of student films for Ms. Christiane Buchner


We are thankful to office АртИСТ for the support to organize the meeting with Kyrgyz artists with Ms. Christiane Buchner


We are thankful to Cinema House for the support the screenings for Ms. Christiane Buchner



Bishkek, Cinema House, 11.09.2019