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Wednesday, 08 May 2019 00:00
Karash Janyshov: award in Oberhausen 
Title of the festival: 65th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen
Place: Oberhausen, Germany
Dates: 1-6 May, 2019
Title of the film made by Karash Janyshov: 'The Farewell', 2018, 15' 
Section of his film: Children & Youth Film Competition
Award: Special Mention



Among winners of the section 'Children & Youth Film Competition':


Special Mention:

Kosh bol (The Farewell)

Karash Janyshov

Kyrgyzstan 2018, 15 min., b/w, short fiction


Synopsis. Parents of a small Aibek after divorce decided to sent him to orphanage, where he falls in love with Ainura. Then he decided to confess his love by making handmade heart from the stone. Aibek faces with many challenges on the way of achieving his goal and once unexpected situation turns everything over.




Our Special Mention goes to a film that we found rather sad at first. It's about two boys who aren't doing well at all. That's why we found it so great that in the end they become friends and even run away together. We also liked the fact that the movie is black and white. Because that fits well with the story.


Members of the Jury:

Sabi Etemovski, Joel Hellwig, Leon Jason Reuschenbach, Collin Schindler, Gina-Marie Wieczorek


'The Farewell' by Karash Janyshov


About section 'Children & Youth Film Competition':


Oberhausen has been showing international short films for children and youth since 1978 and, sind 1993, has held the Children's and Youth Film Competition, whose prizes totalling 2,000 € are to this day awarded by young people's juries.


The Children’s and Youth Film Competition is one of the most popular festival sections, presenting an average of 45 films from more than 25 countries every vear, selected by an independent committee from submissions to the German and International Competitions. The filmmakers are invited to Oberhausen to present and discuss their films with the audience in person - an event that regularly draws applause from both sides.


The competition programmes are compiled for various age groups ranging from three to 16 years of age and are shown on weekday mornings to give school classes the opportunity to attend. Additional screenings over the festival weekend are organised for the public and for accredited children’s film experts.







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