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Tuesday, 25 January 2011 17:21

Promoter - 2010 is Gulbara Tolomushova


Promoter-2010 in Kyrgyzstan is Gulbara Tolomushova. She is just one film expert and critic in our country. For few years she has professional promoted and presented Kyrgyz Cinematography at the International Film Festivals.


For her activity she was included in the jury FIPRESCI and NETPAC.


During 2010 Gulbara had made following extensive work:
1)      Jury NETPAC of 39th Rotterdam International film festival, Nederland since January, 26 to February, 6. NETPAC Prize was got to movie «Moscow», South Korea.
2)      Presentation of young filmmakers for participation at the Campus of Berlin ale Talents in direction of the 60th   International film festival in Berlin, February, 2010. Almaz Supataev and Akjol Bekbolotov were chosen for final.
3)      Kyrgyz film presentation of young filmmakers for selection board of the International film festival «Stars of Shaken», May 14-16, 2010, Almaty, Kazakhstan
In result film of Alijan Nosirov «Nomad camp» won in the section «Student cinema» in short films nomination and got a prize of film studio «Kazahfilm». Movie «Almaz» of Elnura Osmonalieva won in the section «Young cinema» in full-length films nomination
4)      Curator of Kyrgyz participation in the program Open Doors Locarno at the International film festival in Locarno, Switzerland, August, 4-12, 2010. It was applied more than 20 films. For final was chosen only 3: «Ayalzat» of N. Asanbekova, «Jolbakan» of E. Osmonalieva, «Princes Nazik» of E. Saliev.
5)      Participation in the work of XIV National Cinematography Forum of CIS and Baltic countries with film screening «The light thief» of Aktan Arym Kubat, since August, 27 to September, 4, 2010, Moscow.
6)      Presentation of movie «Almaz» by Elnura Osmonalieva in the program «Non format» at the International film festival «Kinoshok», Anapa, Russia (September, 12-19, 2010).
7)      Presentation of Kyrgyz documentaries for participation in the III Open All-Russian Festival in Samara. For movie were chosen: "Almaz" of Elnura Osmonalieva, "Happiness Cradle" of Asel Zhuraeva, "Over the Wall" of Nafisa Yuldasheva and Chingiz Narynov,  "Nomad camp" of Alizhan Nasirov.
As result film of Alijan Nosirov «Nomad camp» won a Grand prize.
8)       Member of jury FIPRESCI a the 6th International film festival «Eurasia», September, 21-25, 2010, Almaty, Kazakhstan. FIPRESCI prize was given to «The light thief» of Aktan Arym Kubat.
9)    Chairman of selection board at the IV International Festival for Human Right documentaries «One World Kyrgystan». It was first time when Gulbara could gather enough Kyrgyz movies for national competition. The Grand prize of national program was awarded to«Country and State» of five young Kyrgyz directors from «Kovcheg» studio. In the international competition film "Almaz" of Elnura Osmonalieva got a Honorable Diploma.
10) Member of jury NETPAC at the 4th International film festival «Didor» in Tajikistan. Jury prize was given to film «Another shore», Georgia- Kazakhstan. Film "The light thief" by Kyrgyz director Aktan Arym Kubat has been awarded the Grand prize of the festival.
11) The 11th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival takes place October 21-28, 2010 in San Diego. Gulbara Tolomushova and Kyrgyz filmmaker Nargiza Mamatkulova will take part in this film festival with short-length movie «Earrings» with supporting of Cristencens Fund. It is one of ten films from Kyrgyzstan which were submitted for The 11th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival.
12) III International Cinema School in White Columns, Russia
Kyrgyz filmmakers N.Sydykov («Circles on the sand»), N.Yuldasheva («Over the wall») and young film expert Nurbek Imanov took part in this event.
13) Chairman of program Kyrgyz competition of young filmmakers and member of international jury at the IV Film Festival of European Cinema in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan-Germany –France-Spain) from 5 to 10 May, 2010. Grant Prize get a film «Circles on the send» by Nayzabek Sydykov. Second prize – «Latter for Santa Clause» of Akjol Bekbolotov, third prize – «Thank you» of Ruslan Akunov.
14) Member of jury FIPRESCI at the 7th Dubai International Film Festival, UAE. Film «The Earrings» of young Kyrgyz director Nargiza Mamatkulova took part in it and got a first prize in the Asia Africa – Short competition. In the Arabian full-length competition first prize won film «Transits cities», Jordan; in the Arabian shorts competition first prize got movie «2 ½», Lebanon.
In 2011 Gulbara Tolomushova has a new results of her work. So two films of Kyrgyz directors «Earrings» of Nargiza Mamatkulova and «Pencil against ants» of Mirlan Abdykalykov were included in non-competition program of Rotterdam International Film Festivalin Holland. The festival will take place between January 26 and February 6, 2011.
Films of Kyrgyz filmmakers will be screening during Asian Winter Games-2011 in Almaty and Astana, Kazakhstan, January, 27-29. International Film Festival «Kinoaziada-2011» will present feature and documentary film of Asian filmmakers about sport. From Kyrgyzstan will be screening 4 movies. There are «Kok Boru» by Artyk Suyundukov, «Marathon as long as life» by Tynay Ibragimov, «Sky and earth» by Talant Jumabaev, «Our NHL» by Erkin Ryspaev.
In conclusion we want to say we are proud to has such people in Kyrgyzstan as Gulbara Tolomushova who worry about national cinematography and try to rice it up the international standards.
Afanasenko Natalia
with using information from film expert Gulbara Tolomushova
Photo: Art director of Dubai International Film Festival Amralla Al-Ali gives a special prize to Gulbara Tolomushova