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Thursday, 16 December 2010 00:00

Four new shorts films of Aitysh film studio were presented in Bishkek


«Aitysh film» studio in direction of project «Kyrgyzstan is a country of short-length films» has presentedtheir new four films.
A premier of short films hosted in December, 15 at the Cinema House, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.
Before screening creative teamwork of «Aitysh film» studio awarded to directors who films have participated or got the prizes on international film festivals. Prize money got the following filmmakers: Nargiza Mamatkulova (movie «Earrings»), Nayzabek Sydykov (movie «Circles on the sound»), Asel Juraeva (movie «Cradle of happiness»), Alimjan Nasirov (movie «Nomad camp»).
At the presentation the following films were screened:
«Guldastan» by Nurtay Borbiev. Film is about a big figure of Kyrgyz Republic, man with unique destiny – Kulipa Konduchalova. She was a cultural minister  of Kyrgyz SSR.  
«Salt» by Marat Saruulu. This story have two main heroes: old sailor and sea. They live their own life don’t care about world aroud.
«Kempir» by Nazym Mendebairov. It is a funny story about old couple who is still young. Old mullah lives in the village. He is very respectable among his fellow villagers. One day his wife came home drunken and fell into a silo pit.  Mullah is trying to mask it from villagers…
 «Yr Kese» by Nurlan Asanbekov.  Villagers think that one rich foreigner wants to take away a lot and house of their neighbor. They want to help her.  But it all in vain. Because foreigner just fall over her lot from the mountain on his bicycle. When old women calm down they sit at the table and start to sing the songs forgot about their housework.  
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Photos were given by «Aitysh film» studio