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Tuesday, 14 December 2010 11:59

The 2011 Summer Seminars. Learn about liberty!
Institute for Human Studies is pleased to announce their 2011 Summer Seminars!
Choose from seven seminars that explore classical liberal ideas, such as individual rights and free markets, and how they apply to history, economics, philosophy, law and other disciplines.
Each seminar includes informative lectures, discussion groups, and nightly receptions. There's also plenty of free time to enjoy one of the beautiful college campus locations.
You'll meet students and recent graduates from around the world who care about freedom. The faculty of acclaimed professors and professionals are available throughout the seminars, to answer questions and provide career guidance.
We have four topical seminars to broaden and enhance your knowledge.
Exploring Liberty presents an introduction to the foundations of a free society.
Liberty & Society dives into the ideas of Hayek, Mises, Nozick, and Adam Smith.
Morality, Capitalism & Freedom examines the ethics of free markets.
The Tradition of Liberty: Advanced Studies analyzes the past, present, and future of the classical liberal tradition.
Three career seminars can help incorporate advancing liberty into your profession.
Liberty & Leviathan - liberty-friendly solutions for public policy
Scholarship & A Free Society - an academic research workshop
Journalism & a Free Society - for aspiring journalists
There is no cost to attend a seminar - lectures, housing, meals, and materials are provided by IHS. Eligible attendees include undergraduate students, graduate students, and recent graduates.
The final application deadline is March 31.
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