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Monday, 22 November 2010 16:11

Totals of the III Film festival of students of master-class by Ernest Abdyjaparov


21th November, 2010 the III Film festival of students of master-class by Ernest Abdyjaparov has finished.
There were following awards:
Festival Grant Prize was presented to film «Almaz» by Elnura Osmonalieva. This is a story about one boy from Dordoy market. His parents moved from Naryn region to capital years ago. But life in the city is very difficult. Almaz has to work to help his family and he doesn’t have any time to lean. In a few time he gets learning and finds oneself at Holland. Almaz's life is changing, he wins a victory over poverty and hopeless.
Film by Nurlan Razakulov «Talas-Bishkek» got 4 prizes: The best full-length feature film, The best direction, The best sound, The best female role. It is a story about one guy named Ilyaz is a taxi driver on the road from Bishkek to Talas. Ones upon a time he acquaints with his passenger Asel. Young people fall in love with each other. Like in all love stories lovers get over the difficulties on their way, loose each other but find again.
Prize The best documentary film was given to «3850 meters» by Daniyar Abdykerimov, Prize The best short film to «Momposuy» by Ruslan Orozaliev.
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