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Dedline: 21-24.12.2022
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Thursday, 18 February 2016 00:00

Competition Australasian Film Section at the 14th Dhaka IFF (14-22.01.2016)


The 14th Dhaka International Film Festival (DIFF) was held in Dhaka from 14 to 22 January 2016. The general theme of the festival is  “Better Film, Better Audience, Better Society.”


There were four competitions during the festival: Spiritual films section, Short and Independent films section, Women Filmmaker section, Australasian Competition Section.


List of the Australasian Competition Section:


1. Nabat

2. A day in the life of Anil Bagchi

3. Jalal’s story

4. Ghashphul

5. The Killing Order

6. Fig Fruit And The Wasps

7. The Bridge

8. Three Fish

9. An Unfinished Story

10. A few cubic meters of love

11. The Silence of the Shepherd

12. Heavenly Nomadic

13. Note

14. Taandro

15. Sara

16. Above The Clouds

17. The Guard

18. Hand in the Glove

19. The Last executioner

20. Sivas