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Wednesday, 10 November 2010 16:20

The light thief in Bishkek!


Eventually film by Kyrgyz director Aktan Arym Kubat will be screening in Kyrgyzstan. This film has got a lot of prizes on the international film festivals and now Kyrgyz people can see it at the metropolitan cinema since November, 18.
"The light thief" is a funny and touching portrait of small-town politics in a rapidly globalizing world that follows Svet-ake, an electrician in a small Kyrgyz village who has been stealing electricity to help the impoverished local residents. When Bekzat, a wealthy land developer and former villager arrives to buy up the land for a group of Chinese investors, Svet-ake shares with him his dream to populate the valley with modern windmills—but soon Svet-ake realizes that not everyone has the best interests of the village community at heart.
You can see some film frames on http://www.bulbul.kg/video:2494/.
"The light thief"
Country: Kyrgyzstan, Germany, France, Netherlands
Year: 2010
Language: Kyrgyz
Producer: Thanassis Karathanos, Karl Baumgartner, Cedomir Kolar, Marc Baschet, Denis Vaslin, Altynai Koichumanova
Screenplay: Aktan Arym Kubat, Talip Ibraimov
Runtime: 80
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