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Monday, 04 October 2010 15:48

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS in Women's Voices from the Muslim World: A Short-Film Festival

Women's Voices Now (WVN), a New York-based not-for-profit social enterprise is calling for film submissions for Women's Voices from the Muslim World: A Short-Film Festival. The Festival is open to filmmakers of all genders, nationalities and faiths.




Subject Matter: The Festival aims to give voice to women of all faiths living in Muslim-majority countries and Muslim women living as minorities around the globe. The Festival is a unique project that will highlight pro-women voices from within the Muslim World and present an unfiltered and honest account of these women's stories-focusing on the struggle for freedom of expression and inalienable human rights. The scope of the films' subject must be pertinent to the spirit of the Festival and should address the experiences that shape these women's lives, the challenges that must be overcome before gender equality becomes the status quo, and the people who are making this transformation happen. It is our fervent belief that our intervention will inspire with hope and action, women with no voice, repressed or abused, to participate in their own movement to freedom, to share their stories and thereby help reform the societies that endemically promote their inequality. The medium of film, specifically short-film available on the Internet, allows for the broadest possible reach into even the most remote areas of the world.


Categories: Documentary, Fiction, Experimental and Student.


Submission: The Festival accepts submissions from both amateur and professional filmmakers.Pursuant to WVN's goal of reaching and educating people around the world, WVN requests that films be made available for viewing on-line. Filmmakers may apply and upload their films via the WVN website at www.womensvoicesnow.org


Donate: This is an important and unique hybrid project combining human rights and film. Honest and direct news and information from and about women of the Muslim world is often censored by governments and filtered by advertisement-driven media. This Festival creates a platform from which these women can speak directly to each other and to an international audience. Their voices will inform the decisions of policy makers and enable their struggle for civil, economic and political rights. Please visit us to learn more about WVN's work and donate to our worthy cause.


Deadlines: Submissions are OPEN until November 24, 2010.


Contact Information:
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Women's Voices Now
119 W. 72nd Street #167
New York, NY 10023



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