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Thursday, 26 August 2010 16:02

Film premiere «Manas birth as a premonition» of Nurbek Egen will take place in Kyrgyzstan
The premier of new full-length documentary film «Manas birth as a premonition» will take place in metropolitan «Ala-Too» cinema 30 August, 2010. Film was made on «Sanjyra» studio by young director Nurbek Egen.
The main author's aim was an attempt to create a portrait of modern Kyrgyzstan  through the eight nationals destinies from different classes of society. This film is addressed to younger generation. Nurbek Egen assumes that at present just young people have to think about national morale and define their own place in a society.
When Nurbek Egen addressed to Manas he continued a tradition of such famous Kyrgyz directors like Bolot Shamshiev and Melis Ubukeev.
In film creation took a part Kyrgyz and Russian filmmakers, scientists, historians, consumerists, statesmen ,  businessmen, painters, national art masters, musicians.
In future this film will be demonstrated on foreign TV channels and festivals. Since 31 August, 2010 «Manas birth as a premonition» is starting in «October» cinema (Bishkek) and Osh dramatic theater. The film will be shown Kyrgyz and Russian languages.
Source: Press release of Sanjyra studio, August, 26, 2010