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Home Film News World premiere of the film "1000 Dreams" by Marat Sarulu will take place at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival
Friday, 19 November 2021 00:00

World premiere of the film "1000 Dreams" by Marat Sarulu will take place at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival


Dates of the festival: 12 - 28.11.2021



1000 Dreams / Tuhat unelmat / Мин кыял 


Festival: 25th Black Nights Film Festival

Programme: Rebels with a Cause

Genre: fantasy


World premiere: 23.11.2021

Other screenings: 27 & 28.11.2021


Director: Marat Sarulu

Screenwriters: Marat Sarulu & Emil Jumabaev

DoP: Boris Troshev

Editor: Arzhuna Asanov & Azat Mamunov

Producer: Akjol Bekbolotov

Music by Murzali Jeenbaev


Actors: Kurmanbek Mamyrov, Aziz Yusupov, Jyldyz Bekova etc. 


Production: Kyrgyzfilm


Runtime: 1h 28m

Language: Kyrgyz

Subtitile: English


1000 Dreams


One day, Nazar walks into the studio of his partner’s ex-husband, Arsen. He looks around his computer and finds something that changes his life. Arsen is an artist who creates fictional worlds into which he loses himself. The romance between reality and the imaginary begins. Dreams and fantasies are forever intertwined with life here and now.


The director, who is also an artist and creator, shows the viewer the inner world, the images and imaginations of a creative person, but also their relationship between fiction and a rather harsh reality. The protagonist’s journey is full of deep love but also loneliness, which has been expressed through powerful images. It is so masterfully made that this film’s visual narration does not leave a viewer with sensitive vision untouched.


Marat Sarulu has been awarded the prize for the best director in Tallinn Black Nights 2014 edition (“The Move”).


Dora Lall


1000 Dreams


Marat Sarulu

Marat Sarulu (snd 1957)

In Spe (1994), Altyn Kyrghol (My Brother Silk Road, 2002), Burnaja reka, bezmiateznoje more (The Rough River, the Placid Sea, 2005), Pesni yuzhnykh morey (Lõunamerede laulud, PÖFF 2008), Sol (2011), Köch (Ümberasumine, PÖFF 2014), Ming Kiyal (1000 Dreams, 2021)