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Sunday, 10 November 2019 00:00

VII Forum 'Umut': Winners of International competition
Dates of the VII Forum Umut: 6-10.11.2019
Place: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Forum Umut is dedicated to the memory of the famous Kyrgyz actor Suymenkul Chokmorov
Winner of International Competition: "The Chairs"

All list International winners in this publication


International competition:


Best film: "The Chairs"

Best direction: "With Diploma To The Village"

Special jury prize: "The Hedge"

Special jury mention_1: "Air"

Special jury mention_2" "On the Border"


Information about winners:


Best film: "The Chairs", Azerbaijan-UK, 2018, 20'

Script-writer & director: Orkhan Aghazadeh

DoP: Cameron Ward

Producer: Mina Salimi

Editting: Razvan Barseti, Orkhan Aghazadeh

Actors: Zulfiyye Nazar Mammadova, Seyad Aliyev

Synopsis. Kerim and Rena were in love, but had to marry other people. Despite the passing of time, their love  is now prohibited and dangerous in the society they live in. On the hill where all villagers have to come to use mobile phones, they see each other every week, but can’t display their feelings at all. The only secret way of expressing their love is through lights flashing in the darkness of night. 


Best direction: "With Diploma To The Village" made by Samgar Rakym, Kazakhstan, 2019, 29'


Special jury prize: "The Hedge", 2018, 25'

Script-writer: Dibash Kainchin

Film-director: Mikhail Kulunakov

Director of Photography: Olga Kulunakova

Producer: Tatyana Koncheva

Production studio: Altai-film, Gorny Altai State TV and Radio Broadcasting company

Synopsis: Banks are the hedge of the Katun river. Mountains are the hedge of the valley. Sky is the hedge of the mountains. But what is the hedge of the sky - as it should have a hedge, too? The man's hedge is his life. Life hedges time. But time is unlimited and has no contours. Every hedge is built with good reason, in it designed for something, to ward up and protest something. The main character had spent whole his life within a hedge. He had an ordinary life, ordinary work and even ordinary death.


Special jury mention - 1: "Air" for the best DoP - Director of Photography: Aigul Nurbulatova, 2018, 14'


Special jury mention - 2: "On the Border" for the best script - Script-writer: Iskandar Usmonov, 2019, 20', Kyrgyzstan - Tajikistan