Festivals: call for entries

Film Festival "Nomad 2023: A Living Land": Call for entries

The Film Festival “Nomad 2023: A Living Land” is organized by the Communications and Media Department of the University of Central Asia to be held in Naryn, Kyrgyzstan. The Film Festival aims to provide a platform for emerging filmmakers contributing to the development of the film industry throughout Central Asia. 


Cinema Department: Continuation of the contest of scripts (2023_kg)

Temir Birnazarov's master-class: 2023_kg


First name Azamat
Last name Arykov
Gender Male
Date of birth 18 March 1985
Feature films: 
«Shaitan of Arab» by Myrza Aydaraliev
«Way at home» by Kamat Kasenov
«Stop Traffic» by Myrza Aydaraliev
«Dars» by Kamat Kasenov
«Тalak» by Rysbek Jabirov
2008 "Fell in love thief" by Ernest Abdyjaparov
2010 "Traffic policemen. Issyk-Kul Beshbarmak" by Ernest Abdyjaparov
«Ayat» by Sanjar  Abdyjaparov 
Short films: 
«Choc-ice» by Elina Abay kyzy
«Tagdyrdym Tamashasy» by Nishanbay Topchubaev
«Sagyndym» by Daniyar Abdykerimov
«Failure» by Elina Abay kyzy
«Alive and dead» by Sanjar  Abdyjaparov
«Aga-Ini» by Eldiyar Madakim
«Baari bir taanysham» by Aybek Toyaliev
«Shashyluu» by Timur Manapbaev
«Bilerik» by Azamat Arykov
«Changes» by Mayram Omurakunova 
Author short films: 
«Bilerik» by Azamat Arykov
«Ideal girl» by Azamat Arykov
Diploma «The best male role» for film «Alive and dead»
Diploma «The best production designer» for film «Sagyndym»
Diploma «Prize of Hope» for film «Ideal girl»